Search Engine Optimization: How to Rank Better in 2019


Search Engine Optimization: How to Rank Better in 2019

The process of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is still the same as in 2018,

However, The number of competitors increases and more market trends and marketing strategies rises up. and that is How you need to rank better for that in 2019

As discussed earlier in the Search Engine Optimization Post, To rank better you need to consider many factors.

These factors include and not limited to

  • Website Quality
  • Level of Trust
  • Your Website Authority
  • Website Speed
  • Mobile Site Speed
  • Site structure and functionality
  • And many other factors

From these multiple factors, I believe that to rank better in 2019 you need to give a special focus on your website quality.

Let’s dive in and see how to have better ranking in 2019 for search engine optimization.

How to Enhance Your Website Quality?

In order to enhance your website current quality, You need first to define and understand what is the area of improvements you should take care of it,.

Start by Re Plan your site structure, See if it is the ideal structure for your customers, Ask them what they like and what they do not like.

Use more Content, create interesting, and evergreen content,

In addition to that, start to use some new and unique approaches to the story of your product that make your customers like and share it on their social media pages.

What is New for Search Engine Optimization for 2019?

In 2019 some niches like technology, Artificial Intelligence and smart device are showing great growth and you need to make use in that in your content creation.

See more Examples For Artificial Intelligence.

Also, make a new search and use the most updated keywords that show trend growth in 2019

Remember to use more Long Tail Keywords as well.

Let’s now see some tips you need to consider as well.

The mobile site is important as your desktop site

Search Engine Optimization: How to Rank Better in 2019
Search Engine Optimization: How to Rank Better in 2019

When was the last time you make a test for your mobile site speed?

Run a fast speed test by using many tools like Google page speed,

And check what area of improvement you want to work in

As we discussed earlier, Google gives special attention to the indexing of the mobile website,

And you need to follow that to make sure that you have a better ranking and better traffic from Google.

In addition to Google score points for speed, Remember your user experience for the high-speed mobile site, As you know there are more people are using now mobile site over the desktop site.

Website Quality

As no one can say what exactly happens behind the scenes of a search engine, you need to determine new market trends for 2019, So you keep your site on the top ranking for search engines in the new year.

Enhance site speed

If the site speed was important in 2018, In 2019 it is a critical topic.

While your site speed facing some problems, Your competitors are now faster and faster. You need to enhance your site speed to maintain your ranking position.

Make sure to check your site speed on a regular basis and don’t forget your mobile site as well.

Take care for your users

Customer experience is an important factor to take care with, Happy customer will stay longer on your site, and that is very important to search engines.

As Google wants to make sure that when someone is searching for a keyword he will be happy enough when he reach your site.

Make your site enjoyable with many images and videos as possible,

Attract your visitors with interesting topics and useful materials. As a happy customer equal happy Google ranking.

Website Structure

The Structure of your website is an important factor for better ranking, As well structured sites make it easy for your customers or your visitors to easily navigate and reach to his searching needs in an easy and fast way.

Check your website structure and ask yourself, How to improve the site structure?

Is your cornerstone content strategy doing fine?

Check all links in your website and make sure that no links are broken.

keyword research

As market trends change in 2019,

Start to make some search for profitable keywords, That will help you to attract more organic traffic from the web.

You can use some helpful tools like Google Keyword Planner to make your search in an easy way.

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