Search Engine Optimization: Keyword Research

Keyword research is a key success factor for successful search engine optimization process.

The use of trendy keywords that has high search potential over the search engines will enhance your search engine ranking and make good optimization for your website.

Also, you need to use more long tail keywords that are related to the main searching words.

Let’s first define what is the long tail keyword.

Long Tail Keyword

The Long-tail keywords are longer phrases and more specific than the normally used keywords, that are usually used by the searcher to have better results over the internet

For example, If you are searching for basketball, The searching keyword is basketball, However, the long tail keyword may be something like this, Basketball best team in Chicago.

Or you can use even more specific long tail like Basketball best team in Chicago in 2019.

The long tail keywords usually get less traffic in search,

However, the conversion rate for it is much higher than the normal keywords as it gives the searcher a very specific searching phrase. By the time your traffic will be better as your visitor’s conversions are much better and you get more loyal customers.

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Main Keyword

It is clear that most blogs have one head topic, main topic or main keyword.

For Example, Sports blogs are usually about sports and healthy life; Fashion blogs are about makeup, new style, and colours.

This blog is all about Digital Marketing. I named it Digital Marketing Today.

So, all of our blog posts are about Digital Marketing direct topics,

In addition to, related topics that are connected to the main keyword (Digital Marketing).

The main topic or main keyword of your blog or your website is the most important keyword you want people to find you,

when they start to make some search for this keyword or this phrase.

Also, it is the word that you are going to rank high in search engines to get organic traffic, In this case, it is (Digital Marketing).

Imagine yourself having a sports blog about football. You would then like to be found on a search term like (football world cup). That would pretty much be the number one.

Use Many Long Tail Topics

You can not optimize all blog posts for just one keyword, Which is (Digital Marketing Today) in my case here, even if all your blog posts will be about Digital Marketing.

Instead, you should write a whole number of posts about all kinds of long tail variants of your key search term.

In sports niche example,

you could write about all kind of fighting arts, team sports, sports for ladies, sports for kids. These could be your main categories.

Your posts could even include more long tail keywords,

You could write about: football history in Europe, World cup results in the last 20 years, and so on.

Link Long Tail to Main Keyword

If you optimize your blog post for different long tail keywords,

you should link from these blog posts to the main category heads and from these main category pages to your top keyword.


As a summary, you need to use the SEO long-tail keywords, in addition to the main keyword on your website to have better ranking in the Search engines and more optimization for your website.

Now Google will recognize your site structure and which of your pages is most important to your visitors.

As a result, you make sure that your most amazing pages rank high in Google

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