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Blog Name Generator – 2020 Complete Guide with Examples

Introduction to blog name generator guide

In order to generate a cool name for your blog, you will need to use some tools like a blog name generator tool, I know it is overwhelming nowadays if you start to search for blog name generator on google it ends up with millions of results.

However, in this post I will show you from my previous experience how to choose the best tools for blog name generator, also I will provide you with some extra discounted coupons that give you 50% discount or even more on the domain name you choose and for your hosting plan as well.

Great Deal, right? 🙂 Let’s get started

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How to use the blog domain name generator guide?


In this guide, I will help you to discover thousands of great names for your blog, in addition to that, we will through some important criteria like your blog goals, your main market segments, current competitors and how we can create a creative name for your new blog.

by the end of this article and as promised I will leave you some helpful links for discount coupons and other useful tools that help you to get amazing services with discounted prices.


Target Market and blog niche


Before starting your new blog and even before you choose the blog name, first, you need to pick up a certain niche in the market.

In other words, you need to choose one market category that you are going to write blog posts about.

For example, you can choose to start a blog about travel, business, health, news, health, technology, etc…

Choose one or more niches to start your blog about.

From my experience, if you are just started,

It is much better to choose one niche to start with, as the technology niche or technology market.

The technology market is rich with many subcategories that you can write about,

For example, you can write about mobiles, applications, web design, web hosting, etc…

Now think about your favourite topic and let’s go for the second step.



Users interest (Geographic and Demographic)


The term users interest explain who will be interested to visit your blog and why.

If you choose to start a blog about health, you need to check what will be interesting for your readers to read about.

In the health market, we can find many hot topics like diet, healthy eating, exercises, how to build muscles, etc…

For example, if you are going to write about diet, we can expect to have readers in both genders (males and female) with different ages between 20 and up to 50.

on the other hand, if you choose to write about diet in maternity stages, then most of your readers would be females between 20 and 40 years old, right? I think the idea is clear now 🙂

Feel free to leave a comment below at any time if you have any question.



How to generate a creative blog name?


generate a creative blog name
generate a creative blog name

Now after we discussed the market and the user’s interest, let’s start to brainstorm together about a creative blog name for your blog.

Here are some tips,

  • write down 50 keywords that represent your blog niche or your blog market
  • think about the readers and who is interested in reading your blog posts
  • blog name should be clear and shows your niche
  • keep it short, three words at maximum, fewer words are always better
  • no numbers, no special characters
  • add city if your blog is about local service,
  • avoid repeated characters
  • avoid harmfully words or words with bad intentions

Now after we brainstormed together some tips about your creative blog name, let me share with you some dedicated information for the best blog niches that you can start with.

Blog name generator ideas

In this section, you will find some ideas about blog names in different markets and we can notice how you need to customize your name according to the visitor’s interest, type and needs.

By the end of every blog type, you can have some exercise by writing down 3 different names for each blog niche.

This practice will help you to start a unique thinking process about your blog name before you start the blog name generator tools at the end of this post.


The personal blog name examples


Personal blog name ideas
Personal blog name ideas

When you start a personal blog you need to think about your self, your dreams and what is your potential,

that you are going to introduce to the world through your blog posts.

So if you are a web designer,

You can start a design blog that regularly posts on the design-related topics and you can share your design experience and help your visitors to make nice and neat designs.

Moreover, you can write some posts about the best design theme for WordPress as an example.

If you have a certain hobby like fixing cars, play games, or even make good juices.

you can also do the same and share your hobbies with your readers.

Now as said, start to write down three names after the end of every blog name ideas.

Leave in comments on your choices and let’s discuss together.

Earlier, I wrote a nice guide on the top earned personal blogs, check it out from this link, Top 10 earned personal blogs for 2020



Lifestyle blog name generator 

Lifestyle blogs are all about having a happy life with posts about fashion, dressing up, hairstyle, etc…

If you are thinking to start a lifestyle blog you need to focus on the happiness that your readers or visitors will get when they try your lifestyle advice.

Avoid any pain related posts that discuss some negative topics like, depression, lack of sleep, stress.

Your readers are searching for some helpful tips in order to enhance their life and your blog name should reflect that.

You can think about some domain names like a happy life, style for you, life hacks, etc…


Food blog name generator


Food blog name ideas
Food blog name ideas

Food blogs are one of the most famous blogs over the web, different food categories that go under many subcategories like, pizza,  sweets, diet recipes, vacation food recipes, and much more.

Visitors of food blogs are basically looking for good food ideas for a certain moment or event,

They need to find some nice pictures for the food, complete recipes for a certain plate, and in some case, they searching for calories intake for every meal.

If you like the food niche, you can choose one or more subcategory to start writing about.

Let me know in comments if you need some creative blog name for a food blog, I can help.



Travel blog name generator


Travel blog name ideas
Travel blog name ideas

Travel is one of the most interesting moments for anyone.

if someone is visiting a travel blog, usually he/she is searching for some useful information about a certain destination,

best places to visit, the best restaurants in this city, different activities that can be done during his/her stay,

As well, the cost of every service, hotels in this destination and some reviews for similar travellers to the same destination.

If you are going to start a travel blog you can focus on one or more of these points, as well, you can recommend some good destinations upon your previous travel experience.

Your blog should look simple, full with nice images, and informative.

Also, you can add some section for testimonials which will add a huge benefit to your new travel blog.

Finally, you can monetize your blog with some profit tools that will help you to get money from your blog. Like adding some affiliate links for travel agencies, flight booking, hotel booking, etc…

Ask me if you need help with that, I have some ready resources for you.



Gaming blog name ideas


Gaming blog ideas
Gaming blog ideas

Gaming blogs are the most famous blogs especially for teenagers and adults as well.

You can find tons of big names in this niche, that focus on certain games and start to practice with the visitors through live videos or recorded video tutorials at other times.

Gaming blogs provide useful advice on how to play a certain game,

What are the required resources and how to going more power or higher level within the game?

Gaming blogs are very excited and joyful as you can interact with the blogger,

As well, you share with them the happy moments and sad moments as well.

Believe it or not,

Some kids under 10 years old are generating 6 figures as net profit form their gaming blogs every single month.

The main source of income for gaming blogs is affiliate plus YouTube ads that show on their video tutorials.

If you have a nice personality and can interact with your visitor while playing a game, it is one of the best blog ideas for you.

Let me know about your thoughts and if you need some more clarification on starting a gaming blog.



The creative blog name examples 


Creative blog name ideas
Creative blog name ideas

Creative blogs focusing on the new and creative ideas that anyone can do in his life.

In creative blogs, they share very usefully ideas about creating some helpful things from the general waste,

or shows the visitor how to be creative in a particular topic like, art, photography, writing, presenting, or even sales and marketing.

If you have some creative ideas about your carrier or doing something in a different way,

you can share this useful information with your readers.

You can choose a blog name that reflects this category,

Add the word creative or craft to your blog name like creative sales or cooking crafts, etc…

As well, the word handmade attract the attention of people,

So if you have a blog name like handmade cakes you can expect many visitors from the first month.

Now write down in comments three different names for your blog name and let’s discuss on that.


Beauty blog name generator


Beauty blog ideas
Great beauty blog ideas

Beuty is a wide category niche where you can write useful topics on,

How to have young skin, makeup and how to use for daily events, skincare products, aesthetic procedures, and much more.

Most of your blog visitor are females, accordingly, you need to consider that point while writing your blog posts.

Choose one category or more and start to cover many topics under that category as you can.

Make your blog name related to different beauty topics like skin, makeup and so.

Focus on images that show before and after which get the most attention of your visitors.

In addition, you can add tutorial videos that show the right way to apply and some recommendations for some brands.

Make your blog colourful and use internal links to your related blog posts.

Make sure to join some beauty forums for a better understanding of your visitor’s needs and more interactive posts.

Link your social media accounts, especially Instagram and Pinterest,

Moreover, make sure to post on a daily basis good content posts with nice and expressive images.



Art blog name generator

Art blogs mainly focus on topics related to general art, drawing, museums, gallery, best practice and technology-related resources and tools.

You need to have some special passion for art if you are willing to start an art blog.

If you are that person, then congratulations as you find your perfect blog niche.

However, if you are not that person,

No issues you can still have your art blog but in this case,

You will focus more on listing the art best practice, best museums around the world, etc…

As said, the art blog, in particular, need some special art passion in order to be successful in.

Let’s now jump to the last example in this section which is weight loss blog name.



Weight loss blog name examples


Weight loss blog name ideas
Weight loss blog name ideas

Weight loss is one of the most popular blog niches that get a lot of attention and already own millions of followers.

Weight loss is a word that represents a real need for many people worldwide,

people are searching for new and useful ideas that can help them to reduce their weight,

improve their health and get the best shape they are always dreaming with.

In weight loss blog you can right under many topics like,

how to lose your weight fast, best diet to follow for weight loss, the importance of exercise for weight loss, and so on.

You can find also many weight loss blogs focusing on daily lifestyle for the person who needs to lose weight,

And how he can enjoy his life while losing weight.

Share successful stories about people that lost weight and what was the motive behind that.

Finally, keep close to your visitors and make a good relationship as you need to have their trust to be your clients.


Your next step

Now after we go through all of these nice blog names, niches and ideas. It is time now for your next step, create your own blog, right?

As promised, I will help you with some resources for creating your new blog.

Here are some useful links with discounted prices (50% or more) to create your domain name, hosting your blog, Find the full tutorial here


Final words

I wish that my post “Blog Name Generator” was helpful for you.

Leave me a comment,

if you have any question or any idea that could help me to write better content in the next time.

If you need some help to create your new blog let me know.

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