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How to become a Brand Ambassador?

If you ask yourself how to become a brand ambassador, you first need to understand the brand ambassador job role and the essential requirements for that job.

The brand ambassador jobs get more demand over time, as social media influence increasing by time.

Now, you can find many opportunities for people looking to make some extra cash by representing a brand they love.

In this post, we will go through the basics of what a brand ambassador does, required skills, average salaries and what are the main characteristics of successful brand ambassadors.

Let’s now start with the definition of a Brand Ambassador.

Brand Ambassador definition

A brand ambassador is a person who is hired by a company to represent a brand to increase brand awareness and sales.

The brand ambassador follows the company code in appearance, behaviour, and values, as well, they use their skills to grow the customer relationship and influence a large audience to create more loyal customers.

The person should be a positive spokesperson, an opinion leader or a community influencer, to increase product or service sales and create brand awareness.

You can find some good examples for brand ambassador over different social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube as promotional models, testimonials and brand advocates.


Brand Ambassador role

Brand Ambassador Role
Brand Ambassador Role

The brand ambassador is someone who can represent the company name in various ways.

Some companies invest in their loyal employees to create a brand ambassador, on the other hand, some other companies hire an influencer to represent their brand name.

The 5 Main Roles of a Brand Ambassador

1- Belive in the brand

Believe in the brand is the most important role for the brand ambassador, as this trust will go through their influencers and by that it will create more brand trust, awareness and generate more loyal customers.

If they don’t trust the brand, they don’t have a lot to do for the brand.

2- Represent the brand

The role of a brand ambassador is to represent the brand at any time in any place. An ambassador is the lawyer of the brand that reflects the image of the brand in every possible way.

3- Protect the brand

Brand ambassador protects the reputation of the brand. as well, correct and clarify any misconception about the brand, the ambassador keeps the brand image positive all the time.

4- Nourish the brand

To nourish the brand is to help the brand to grow and reach more people for more sales, as well, brand ambassadors create more sales leads and try to increase brand awareness.

5- Verify the brand

A brand ambassador’s role in verifying the brand means making the brand more attractive, real to consumers to trust the brand and attract more customers.
They add their human touch to the brand by linking it to their names.


Brand Ambassador skills

Brand Ambassador Skills
Brand Ambassador Skills

Brand ambassador should have some special skills that help him to be successful in this role, we are going to discuss two main points in this section.

First, the top required skills for the brand ambassador, and second, the characteristics of successful brand ambassador

Top 10 Skills Required for Brand Ambassador

Based on my experience, you need to master the following skills to become a successful brand ambassador.

Here is a list of the most commonly required skills for Brand Ambassador,

  1. Brand ambassador experience
  2. Promotional skills
  3. Brand marketing skills
  4. Communication skills
  5. Presentation skills
  6. Online presence
  7. Social media influencer
  8. Active listener
  9. Positive attitude
  10. Appealing personality

Characteristics of a Successful Brand Ambassador

Characteristics of Brand Ambassador
Characteristics of Brand Ambassador

Now let’s discuss what are the key characteristics of a successful brand ambassador, how do they look like, what are the key features of their character and how they usually act?

1- Good understanding of marketing

The good brand ambassador should have a good knowledge of marketing principles, especially when it comes to social media management and lead generation.

It is not a must that the brand ambassador to have a marketing degree,  however, if he/she do have a marketing certificate it would be a great positive point.

2- High online presence

The brand ambassador usually use the word of mouth marketing strategy, accordingly, he should have good access for as many people as possible.

Of course, we are not saying that he should have 100,000 followers on Instagram or 30,000 on Twitter,

But he should have a well established online presence on the social media with high engagement level with their own blogs, webinars and live videos.

3- Perfect professional level

The brand ambassador is representing the brand name, identity and image by following the company code of ethics and representing it in a professional way.

4- High leadership skills

when someone is searching for advice to buy some product, they will listen to someone who has a high level of knowledge and experts about the topic, right?

The high leadership skills always start with a high knowledge level of the brand ambassador and how he/she can cover all the points that are related to the brand

5- Smart with a positive attitude

Brand ambassador builds his knowledge base with a direct approach to customers, competitors. Listen carefully to their comments and feedback.

Collecting all of this information requires a smart person who can evaluate this data, analyse then he adds his knowledge and answer the customers enquires.


Brand Ambassador Job description

Brand ambassador job description
job description

The job description for a brand ambassador will vary according to the company requirements, policy and the nature of the business module.

If you are looking for a brand ambassador routine job, you can find many recruitment websites that listing all of the vacancies like, indeed, Monster jobs, career builder, etc…

On the other hand, some people are searching for a brand ambassador as a part-time job, so they can have some extra cash for themselves.

Personally, I prefer to go for the second choice which is a part-time job,

As we can find that the best examples of brand ambassadors are already having their own career plus they work as brand ambassador for a certain brand for a certain time.


Brand ambassador Education Level

Brand Ambassador Education Level
Brand Ambassador Education Level

The education level for brand ambassador is not that important, skills and personality have greater value when we spoke about a brand ambassador.

In the coming sections, we will find some brand ambassador examples with different level of education that vary from almost zero degrees (kids having 5 years old) to others with master and PhD degrees.

Average Salary of Brand Ambassador 

Brand Ambassador Salary
Brand Ambassador Salary

Brand ambassador salary varies according to many factors, we can find some ambassadors that have a full-time job with a basic salary and commission, other examples are paid per hour, event, TV program, etc…

Many ambassadors are paid in commission basis according to their input for the sales.

According to career websites like indeed, we can find that the US brand ambassador salaries range is between $20.000 to $60.000 per year.

This range will vary according to the country, company, brand and the brand ambassador experience.

Others are paid a range of $11 to $20 per hour as a part-time job

Some other social media influencers are paid per action, The action her mean speaking about the brand in a YouTube video or make a brand review over their blog, etc…

Some popular social media influencers get $100.000 just to cover a brand for 4-5 times in their social media platforms, can you imagine that!

Let’s now go for some examples with amazing figures


Brand Ambassador Program Examples

Well, in this section we are going to show only two examples of brand ambassador programs that achieve great success, MAYBELLINE and REDBULL


Maybelline is an American cosmetic company that is owned by L’Oryal, they start their worldwide brand ambassador program to increase the engagement with the current customers and future potential customers as well.

They mainly focus on influencers on beauty, lifestyle and fashion niches from different countries and different cultural background to send the message that Maybelline is for everyone.

They mainly use Instagram as their marketing channel with more than 10 million followers, they implement many different activities by using the hashtags #MaybellineItGirls #MaybellinePartner 


Redbull as well started an international brand ambassador program that focuses on super sports and competition between a large number of different athletes in different sports.

They producing video content about these unique actions and competition that attract a huge number of people around the world.

Brand Ambassador jobs

Finally, do you find your self a brand ambassador? if yes, leave me a comment.

To find an opportunity you can do one of the following two things,

1- apply for a job by using Indeed or LinkedIn

2- Start a blog and enhance your social presence step by step, then companies will look after you 🙂

If you need more help, I published earlier a full guide on how to start a personal blog, check it now

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