Purehost review 2020

Purehost Review – 2020 Ultimate Guide

I received many emails from many of my readers who asked for a good hosting plan for their new websites,

some of them asked me about Purehost review and is it good or not.

In this post, we will review Purehost as a hosting solution and see together the positives and negatives in order to evaluate it and get a final recommendation.

Let’s start the Purehost review immediately.


Introduction to Purehost




Purehost is part of an international hosting group, that owns some of the big hosting firms like BlueHost, HostGator, and others
Purehost started in 1997 with a new idea which is giving a hosting plan for small companies and business.
As the company doesn’t have a big name like Bluehost for example, but, it is doing fine in the market since launch.

Purehost Positive Points

Purehost has many positive points that attract many customers year over year, we are going to mention all of the positive points in the coming section.


1- Simple hosting plan

One of the good points of Purehost is that it is easy to use without any customer confusion.

Purehost provides only one hassle-free hosting plan, you can choose a hosting plan with no comparisons between options.

PureHost reduced the level of confusion to zero, the only available hosting plan is the PureBusiness hosting plan.

It’s available on a monthly or annual basis.


2- Free domain name

Purehost plan offers a free domain name for the first year, this good offer will help you to save some money at least for the first year.

However, starting from the second year, you will need to pay for your domain name registration renewal.


3- Free SSL certificate

Purehost provides a free SSL certificate with your hosting plan, this SSL certificate is important for your website security and the global security standards over the web.

Purehost SSL certificate is not the very powerful certificate that you can get with other hosting companies, but, this SSL certificate is enough for your initial needs as a beginner.


4- Email services

Purehost provides Email service for free with the PureBusiness hosting plan.

You can receive up to 200 mailboxes with open access to webmail.

Similar to the SSL certificate, the Purehost webmail service is not the best service you can find, however, it is free.


5- Website builder tools

Purehost includes Sitedelux as the main website builder system, you can use Sitedelux for free to build your website in a few minutes.

As Sitedelux has some cautions that limit its usage, Purehost also includes WordPress as a second CMS option.

WordPress is one of the best content management systems in the world that is almost powering 40% of all websites around the globe.

Purehost also includes ShopSite Starter as an e-commerce platform, that helps you to create a basic e-commerce store.

ShopSite accepts credit card payments to manage your e-commerce store efficiently.


6- Free ads bonus

Purehost hosting plan comes with free ad credits to start getting some initial traffic for your website.

Purehost give $100 free bonus for Google Adwords and $50 bonus of Bing ads.

PureHost also has a simple analytic tool that provides you with some important data about your website status, audience behaviour and some hints to improve your site SEO.


7- Windows and Unix platforms

PureHost offers both Windows and Unix platforms choices for its users.

As well, it is compatible with most scripts and database systems like PHP, .net, CGI, and MySQL.

Accordingly, you shouldn’t face any issues while building your site.


8- Money-back guarantee promise

PureHost has a 30-day money-back guarantee with its plan If you decide to cancel your plan.

Purehost will deduct the cost of the domain and return you the rest of your payments.

In that case, you can use the domain name and host it with another hosting company.


9- Customer support services

Purehost support team is available around the clock to help you and your technical questions.

The support team available 24 hours a day and you can reach them easily via live chat or by sending an email.

You can also use the screen sharing function to share your issues live.

Purehost also provides a dedicate phone number for customer support if you want to reach them by phone.



Purehost Negative Points

After we discussed the positive points of Purehost and get an idea about the main benefits, Let’s now go through all of the negative points as well.

Purehost started the business in 1997 however, they still not have the good name of Bluehost or Hostgator for example.

Puerhost still has several points that need to be improved.


1- Old technology

One of the negative point about Purehost is that the hosting services run on old equipment.

On the official Purehost website PureHost.com, the company says that they provide fast and reliable hosting services, however, the currently used technology is weak and out of fashion.

Other web hosting companies keep upgrading their technologies, but Purehost still using old technologies


2- Old software

Similar to the old technology point, Purehost software looks very old.
When you open Purehost.com and land on the website front page you feel like you go back to 2000.

I was really surprised when I first open the website link and find this old design.

I told myself “what is that? is that the website for the company that is going to host mine!!” No way

In addition to that, the website builder tools are not that good, I know they are free but, I prefer not to use these tools at all

Your readers suppose to see a modern website with good designs and easy navigation,

but when they see old design this will spoil your site and damage your SEO, Right?


3- Pricing structure is not clear

We mentioned earlier that Purehost provides a single hosting plan, that is clear and hassle-free, right? This is not the case.

The introductory low price is just offered for new members, in other words, just for the trial time.

The most strange point here is that Purehost is lowering the prices Instead of making it higher than the first year.

According to Purehost.com, the renewal rates are lower than the introductory price.

You should be happy to hear that, right? but wait a minute that doesn’t make any sense.

When I called customer support to clarify, I become more confused as they said they calculate the renewal cost according to the previous year usage.

In summary, Pure host pricing is confusing and unclear.


4- Low level of customer support

You can find that Purehost poor customer support is a shared experience on many Purehost reviews.

The support team is available 24/7 However, the support team don’t have good knowledge about their products or services.

They take a longer time to answer your question on the live chat than other companies,

plus their answers are not always complete or very clear for you.


5- Hidden upsells

During the sign-in process, you will find some upsells for some extra services.

If you are not careful enough, you will end up paying much more money than the amount you usually pay for hosting.


6- Lack of features

Purehost service is missing some important features that you need to keep your site protected and running safely.

For example, you have to pay extra money just to make regular data backup.

You can find these features for free with other hosting companies with more economical monthly fees.


7- Small data storage

Purehost provides 2 GB of storage space, which is not enough to include high-quality media in your website daily posts.

On the other hand, other hosting companies like Bluehost offer unlimited SSD storage space which is perfect for you.


8- Performance issues

Purehost provides only 50 GB of bandwidth, that means the data transfer for someone visits your site.

Accordingly, you can’t welcome more than 15,000 visitors per month.

Your website will face some performance issues if you exceed that number of visitors.


9- No plan upgrade available

Purehost is pretty nice for a beginner, but what shall you do if your business start to grow?

There is no room for your site to grow, You will need to leave Purehost at this stage and go for another hosting company


Purehost review results

As discussed, Purehost is a good hosting solution for beginners that provides many good points and one simple hosting plan.

Unfortunately, Purehost has old technologies besides old software that affects your designs and limits your website performance.

From my experience, and after the Purhost review I can clearly say I don’t recommend Purehost as a hosting company for you, even if you are a starter.

You need to start in a good way and make sure that your hosting solution will,

  • Protect you
  • Upgrade you
  • Keep your website running all the time


At the same time, you can find a perfect hosting solution in the market, Like Bluehost and Hostgator.

I recently published a comparison post Bluehost vs Hostgator, read it and choose the best one for you.


Finally, If you asked me for one name, for sure it will be Bluehost, the one I currently use after 17 years of hosting experience.


Your Next Step

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If you need a full tutorial on how to start a WordPress on Bluehost, I created a full guide for you, check it now

Finally, If you need any help leave me a comment below.

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