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The Top 10 Earning Blogs – Ultimate Guide for 2020

Are you interested to find the top 10 earning blogs worldwide?

In this post, I prepared for you a complete guide for the top 10 earning blogs for 2020.

we will check it together and after that, I will show you in details on how to start your blog and start making money as they do.

Awesome, right? let’s start now to analyze these top 10 earning blogs and find out how you can learn from their experience to do the same.

Let’s get started!

What is the blog?

The word blog is the combination of two words “web + log” and it stands for an online journal or informational webpage that give a piece of useful information about a certain thing or certain niche.

The blog structure is simple and the block unit is the post, as the blog contains a number of blog posts under a certain topic “category”.

How to choose your Blog name?

The blog name should represent the main topic of the blog, for example, sports blog, fashion blogs, news blogs, marketing blogs, etc…

Simply, you need to focus on the blog topic that you are going to start and find some creative ideas on the blog, I recommend to start with a topic that you already have some experience in or a blog topic that you study or an old hobby that you have.

By the way, most of the all famous bloggers start their blogs as a hobby, then by the time they start to take it as a carrier and make a lot of money from their blogs as we will see now in the top 10 list.

Let’s jump now to the top 10 earning bloggers list for 2020.


List of the top 10 bloggers and how much they earn per month

1- Huffpost  By Arriana Huffington

Arriana Huffington
Arriana Huffington

Arriana Huffington started her blog in 2005, the HuffPost blog is one of the most famous blogs worldwide.

The HuffPost blog covers many topics like news, politics, entertainment, and life.

This blog is the most famous blog worldwide with more than $1 billion in income.

The main source of income is media advertising

Founder NameArriana Huffington
Blog Link
Blog Starting year2005
Domain Authority93/100
Alexa Rank487
Number of Visitors/Month131M
Average Earning/Month$41,700,000

2- Engadget by Peter Rojas

Peter Rojas
Peter Rojas

Peter Rojas starts his blog in 2004 by publishing some blog posts on gaming niche, entertainment topics, gear, covering some major events on technology products.

As well, he starts to review some consumer-related products and technology products.

direct advertising is the main income source for the Engadget blog.

Founder Name
Peter Rojas
Blog Link
Blog Starting year2004
Domain Authority94/100
Alexa Rank771
Number of Visitors/Month51M
Average Earning/Month$3,900,000

3- Moz by Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin
Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin started his famous blog Moz in 1998, which is specialized in the Search Engine Optimization niche “SEO”.

Moz was a great tool at that time that helped new bloggers to increase their blog ranking and bring many visitors to their blog sites and start running their blogging business.

The monthly subscription is the main source of income for the Moz blog.

Founder NameRand Fishkin
Blog Link
Blog Starting year1998
Domain Authority89/100
Alexa Rank6,033
Number of Visitors/Month6M
Average Earning/Month$3,800,000

4- Mashable by Pete Cashmore

Pete Cashmore
Pete Cashmore

Pete Cashmore started his personal blog Mashable in 2005. Mashable blog is sharing great information in different niches like technology, entertainment, science, and more other topics.

Direct advertising is the main source of income for Mashable blog.

Founder NamePete Cashmore
Blog Link
Blog Starting year2005
Domain Authority93/100
Alexa Rank1,374
Number of Visitors/Month26M
Average Earning/Month$3,400,000

5- TechCrunch by Michael Arrington

Michael Arrington founder of TechCrunch
Michael Arrington

Michael Arrington starts his blog TechCrunch in 2005. TechCrunch is one of the most famous blogs in the niche of technology news that covers the news related to new startups and their success stories.

As well, TechCrunch covers technology news like apps, mobile, almost everything new in the technology niche.

In 2010 AOL acquired TechCrunch for $ 40M

Founder NameMichael Arrington
Blog Link
Blog Starting year2005
Domain Authority94/100
Alexa Rank1,442
Number of Visitors/Month29M
Average Earning/Month$1,870,000

6- CopyBlogger by Brian Clark

Brian Clark founder of CopyBlogger
Brian Clark

Brian Clark started his blog CopyBlogger in 2006. CopyBlogger is considered the best content marketing blog that provides a valuable piece of advice on content marketing and blogging related topics.

Brain started his blog in 2006 just with $2000 and in 2020 his monthly income exceeds the $ 2.8M

Founder NameBrian Clark
Blog Link
Blog Starting year2005
Domain Authority78/100
Alexa Rank29,674
Number of Visitors/Month766.7K
Average Earning/Month$2,800,000

7- Perez Hilton by Mario Armando Lavanderia

Mario Armando Lavanderia founder of Perez Hilton
Mario Armando Lavanderia

Mario Armando started his blog, Perez Hilton, in 2005. Perez Hilton is a unique kind of blogging formate as it is an unusual controversial blog with main focus on figures and their exciting stories.

Direct advertising is the main source of income for Perez Hilton

Founder NameMario Armando Lavanderia
Blog Link
Blog Starting year2005
Domain Authority89/100
Alexa Rank7,898
Number of Visitors/Month6M
Average Earning/Month$575,000

8- Gizmodo by Peter Rojas

Peter Rojas the founder of Gizmodo
Peter Rojas

Peter Rojas is here for the second time, he is already in position two for his blog Engadget, and now in position eight for his blog Gizmodo.

Gizmodo is concerned with design and technology niches, the main source of income for Gizmodo is sponsored ads.

Founder NamePeter Rojas
Blog Link
Blog Starting year2002
Domain Authority93/100
Alexa Rank751
Number of Visitors/Month78M
Average Earning/Month$550,000

9- Smashing Magazine by Vitaly Friedman

Vitaly Friedman the founder of Smashing Magazine
Vitaly Friedman

Vitaly Friedman started his personal blog Smashing Magazine in 2006. Smashing Magazine is one of the best blogs in the web design and web development niches.

Monthly membership plus direct advertising are the main sources of income for Smashing Magazine.

Founder NameVitaly Friedman
Blog Link
Blog Starting year2006
Domain Authority89/100
Alexa Rank13,800
Number of Visitors/Month4M
Average Earning/Month$460,000

10- Tuts+ by Cyan Claire

Cyan Claire one of the most famous bloggers
Cyan Claire

Cyan Claire started her blog Tuts+ in 2006. Tuts+ provides very useful tutorials for the web designer and web developers, as it is specialized in the design and development niches.

Founder NameCyan Claire
Blog Link
Blog Starting year2008
Domain Authority90/100
Alexa Rank1,502
Number of Visitors/Month19M
Average Earning/Month$183,000

Next step

Now after we see the top 10 earning blogs, are you still hesitated to start your personal blog?

Almost all of the top 10 earning blogs and the richest bloggers in 2020 started with a very tight budget at a time that technology was not as easy as nowadays.

I believe starting a blog in 2020 will be much easier than starting in 2002, what do you think?

If you have a step by step tutorial from A to Z for free, would that help? 🙂

find here my post How to start a WordPress blog in 2020

In this post, you will find a detailed tutorial for everything you need starting from

    • blog niche idea
    • how to choose a blog name
    • full WordPress tutorial
    • Full hosting tutorial
    • And much more

Waiting for you there.

Leave me a comment in the below section if you have any question or need any help, Good luck.

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