Search Engine Image Optimization


Search Engine Image Optimization

The Search Engine Image optimization is an important topic that you need to consider for the SEO process for your website.

In case you are series to enhance your search engine ranking over the web you need to make the image optimization as well as text content optimization for the search engine.

In the process of SEO, Many people give attention to the text copy, However, the importance of Image optimization is also very important for the search engine.

The Usage of well-optimized images will also enhance the user experience of your website visitors which also important for the search engine

Let’s now go and discuss the required steps for the best practice for image optimization you can do.

Always Add Images to Your Text Content

As said images help readers to understand your post in a much better way.

Especially, when you are sharing these posts with social media, Like Facebook and Instagram.

So, Yes I highly recommend adding images to all of your posts to make them more user-friendly.

Many sites now are using the visual search which is a new trend for 2018 and I believe that it will increase in 2019 as well.

Choose the right image for your content

Choose the right image for your content
Choose the right image for your content

Using original images is always better than using the web stock photos.

You need to support your original posts with original images,

Try to take your own images by your smartphone or camera, the new powerful devices will provide you with the photo gallery you need.

The right image should always represent the post topic you are writing, If you are using just a random image to fill the space, your visitors will know that and I’m afraid if they will visit you again.

Make your image close to the text, also keep the main image in the first main paragraph

Start images optimization

Did you Find the right image for your post?

Now is the next step to make the initial optimization for this image.

Choose The Right File Name

Burg Al Arab-Dubai-sunrise
Burg Al Arab-Dubai-sunrise

Start with your file name,

As Google will Recognize your image starting from the file name.

Start the file name with the main topic than the subtopic.

The filename must be related to the post topic so the SEO optimization ranking go higher and higher.

For Example, if your image shows sunrise in Dubai over Burg Al Arab,

Accordingly, the file name shouldn’t be 23456.jpg, but Burg Al Arab-Dubai-sunrise.jpg.

The main keyword would be Burg Al Arab, as that is the main subject of the photo, which is why it’s at the beginning of the file name.

Fast Loading Image For Better SEO

To have a better User Experience and Search Engine Optimization. Your images loading speed should be fast.

Images have a huge impact on loading times, especially when you upload a huge image then display it really small.

So Resize your images before uploading as if you upload a 2000×1000 pixels image displayed at 200×100 pixels size, the entire image still has to be loaded.

WordPress providing the image in different sizes after upload. But some extra plugin should be added to enhance the image loading speed, Either in the mobile site or desktop site

Use Responsive Images

What is a responsive image?

The responsive image is an image which can fit with different screen sizes.

So if your visitors open your site either on the desktop,

or even if they are using a mobile device (small or big screen), they can see your image fitting in the text content

Reduce The Image File Size

Reducing the file size it doesn’t mean you reduce image quality, Use the best quality images but before using make sure you are uploading them with the best image extensions.

So try to avoid the using of extension of PNG or JPEG as these extensions always take bigger sizes than another format like JPEG 2000.

Add Alt Text and Title Text

As you can see in this image,

Every image has a section which is called the attachment details.

Start to fill all the required data and give a full description to all of your images.

As well, image description is also very important to fill,

As it help the search engines helps your visitors as well to understand your image in much better way.

Remember that, More relevant data about your image means better ranking in the SEO.

Enhance your image structured data

Structured data to your pages help search engines display your images as rich results.

And especially if your post is about product, video or recipe.

you need that google list this image under these three categories to get free traffic and much better SEO ranking.

For more information, Please check Google’s Structured Data General Guidelines.

Adding Images to Your Post

Now the Image Optimization For search engine is successfully done.

And your image is ready to use,.

As discussed add it close to the related textual content in order to help the reader to easily relate it to the topic for better reading experience


Because Image Optimization For search engine is important to enhance the customer experience and SEO ranking as well,

Keep these things in mind when adding an image to an article:

  • Always use images
  • Use a relevant image
  • Pick a good file name for your image
  • Match the image size with the original dimensions
  • Reduce file size for faster loading
  • Add a caption
  • Use image alt text
  • Make structured data to your images

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