We will discuss in this post the common Search Engine Optimization mistakes and how to avoid them during the SEO process.

These search engine optimization mistakes make it hard for us to rank well in the search engines,

as Google need to find a net and clean site with good user experience to give us the support.

As mentioned these mistakes are very common and has no relation to your copywriting experience or even your digital capabilities.

Yes, it is common with small business websites and big organizations sites as well.

Give good attention to the following points, I will explain as well how to manage these search engine optimization mistakes in an easy way.

1- Faster is always better

This point is very important, As google as a search engine loves faster sites rather than slow sites.

Google itself offers us great help to improve our site or blog. Google Create the Page Speed Insights that show you how speedy is your website or blog.

This tool is totally free for us and easy to use as well.

Go for Speed insights Page, Start with signing in, and enter your website or blog URL and press Analyze.


Now you can see the speed score for your site or blog, Please note that we need to check both your Mobile and Desktop speed as well.

Go for the full diagnosis analysis and start to enhance your site speed.

Most critical speed problems we can find either on image loading speed And on caching issues.

In WordPress, There are many plugins that will help to have the better speed for your website or your blog.

Complete your Homework first and Contact us if you need any help.

2- Not using the right keywords

This factor is the most common mistake I found all over the web, Not using the right keywords

So how I choose the right keyword?

First, you need to review the last post for keyword research and long-tail keyword posts before you complete here.


When start working on the SEO for your website or your blog, You need to make sure that you are using the right keywords.

For instance, If your website is about healthcare, Your searching words or keywords needs to be more specific.

As if you are using the word “Healthcare” as your keyword, Now you are competing with every organization and healthcare entity all over the world. Do you think you will win in this kind of competition?, I don’t think so.

So that, try to use more specific keywords “Long-tail keywords“, Which is more specific for your activity and location so people can find you easily.

Google keyword planner, Is a perfect tool to help you in this situation, Sign in to keyword planner and try to find more specific keywords that are related to the main keyword you are ranking too.

Need help? Contact us for more information

3- Not inviting people

You need to invite more people to visit your website or your blog, There are many ways to do that. Always start with your close circle from friends and family so you get initial traffic and also it is very helpful to know their opinion for your future enhancement.

Try also to have some ads for your site, By this way, you will get more and more traffic and start to get some followers and consistent traffic.


Most important is to get organic traffic and this is our main focus in this point.

Take special care for your post title as good title is a main attractive factor for your site, Also you need to enhance your Metadata description, As it will be the first thing your visitors will see along with your title.

Metadata optimization is important to enhance your customer experience, As they will find the data they are searching for in an easy way and they will be happy using your site.

A happy customer means happy Google and good organic traffic.

4- Awesome Content for Awesome Ranking

One of the key factors for success, Awesome and original content is highly important to better SEO ranking.

Make sure to have enough post, At least 300 words, To have good attention from Google, Posts below 300 words has lower chances for optimization.

Make sure that your copy is well written, error-free copy with a lot of useful information and easy structure.

Never copy from other sites or other blogs,

As that will be with very harmful effect to your ranking over the search engines, Especially over Google.

5- Attract your visitors to stay longer

Once you have your visitors on your site,

You need to make them stay as long as possible on your pages, Moving from topic to another.

When your visitors bounced back shortly, Google will realize that this page is not related to their search,

And so traffic to your page will decrease dramatically. So to avoid that?

You need to create more CTA “Call-To-Action” on your pages.

Asking your visitors to register, join us, Get free gifts or even sign in to your monthly newsletter.

Don’t forget to make it clear and easy to find within your pages.

Register call to action

By that, you guarantee to keep your visitors for enough time over your website, And your bounce rate will be OK.

6- Not thinking about future

Google gives special attention to the mobile site,

Since 2018 Google make the first indexing related to the mobile site and not the desktop site as before.

That means if your desktop site is good, But your mobile site is not speeding enough, Or not responsive. Now you need to check that if you really care about your ranking.

As discussed in the first point, Start with Google speed insights and try to enhance your mobile site as per the recommended actions by Google.

Always use responsive images and adjust your cache to the optimum.

mobile friendly test
mobile friendly test

Also, Google offers a great tool, Google mobile-friendly test

Enter your website URL and test is it user-friendly or not.

Take the recommended action seriously.

And start to enhance your mobile website for better user experience and better future with your mobile site.


As a summary, Start focus for the above points.

Star to attract more visitors with your focused keywords and awesome original content.

Enhance your site user experience and don’t neglect the mobile site speed as well.

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