How long should a blog post be?

How long should a blog post be?

Blog Post
Blog Post

Before start writing your post,

remember that longer posts are much better than shorter post,

Longer post ranked better for search engines and get better attention from Google.

That’s mean that we need to have at least 300 words in every single blog post.

When I say at least, That’s mean if you can reach 1000 words in a single blog post it would be much better.

I know that to write 1000 original words may be a big challenge for most of us, As that needs good writing experience.

But I will show you how to write the required number of words in an easy way.

Please find below some tips and recommendations for that.

So why longer posts rank better in Google?

Longer blog posts are most likely to have a better ranking with Google as of many factors.

The most important factor is that google recognize your post when it contain more than 300 words,

as you have better chances to express the topic and more details about it in longer posts.

In longer blog posts you can optimize your your keyword in a better way,

As you can’t emphasize your keywords in a good way in short posts.

Also in long blog posts, you can use many head lines, titles and paragraphs,

To give your visitors and customers better ideas about your products or services.

In longer blog posts, You can have many linking either internal linking to relevant posts,

And to external sites which help your customer to understand the topic in a much better way.

Don’t forget to use images as much as you can, Images has great effect when you want to deliver an idea in a better way.

Images related images to the topic and well optimized for SEO. Please see the Image optimization for SEO in google post for more info

Also, long post make it easy for you to use the long-tail keywords, And the bottom up approach.

So the main keyword will connect to all your related post

My customers afraid from bulky content sections

Afraid Customer
Afraid Customer

If your post is hard to understand, Now you lose everything.

So before you start writing your long post always start with research.

Start with popular blogs that are relevant to your blog topic.

For example, If your blog is about the sport,

Then try to check over the internet a related blog posts that speak also about the sport.

Check three to five posts and ask your self, Which post you like the most? and why?

Now you have good experience as a customer or reader, Try now to have the same for your self.

Also, there are many tips over the internet,

And that educate you on how to write a nice and easy to understand a blog post.

So that you have better user experience and better ranking over google.

Make sure to have a well structured post, With short paragraphs and nice added images.

Long posts needs to have an easy flow of information,

So that your customer or visitor find it easy to get the information he is searching for


How long should a blog post be summary
How long should a blog post be summary

Write posts that have at least 300 words so you have better SEO ranking.

Make your post data flow in an easy way, And avoid using of difficult words.

Use many linking to correlate your blog post with relevant ones.

Images have great benefits,

either to enhance the user experience or gives you higher SEO ranking in google

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