Artificial Intelligence Examples

In the Digital Marketing and technology world, we are living in, we can find many examples of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that we are using on daily basis.

In this post, we are going to focus on the most common AI examples and applications that we can see and use on daily basis.

Please feel free to add more examples in your comment area, So as too enrich our knowledge and content.

1- Robotics

The definition of Robotics is related to machines that make certain task according to a certain built-in program.

In addition to the great uses of Robotics in industry and production lines,

We can even find many Artificial Intelligence Examples for Robotics that serve us in many places like, Banks, Exhibition centres, etc…

The new editions of robotics can even have a short conversation with you, That answer some common question about certain stuff that you need to know.

Many developer companies starting the production of dedicated robotics, That can be very helpful for many sectors, Like, Healthcare, Finance, Defense, Security, and education.

2- Email Auto Filter

If you have a Gmail account you can easily realize that Google auto filter all of the income email.

Google arrange it in different categories like Primary, Social, Promotion, Etc…

Also, google keep the spam emails in a separate folder for a better experience

3- Email Smart Replay

This example is very handy, As you can replay back any mail with ready phrases like, Thank you or something like, let me come back to you soon.

This AI technology gives great experience for busy people who get many emails every day and they need just to replay in short sentences just to give a fast update about the status.

4- Email Reminder option

Another Artificial Intelligence example with google mail, As Gmail gives you a reminder tag for emails that you didn’t check or replay back yet.

This great option will remind you of important emails and help you to respond quickly not to miss them out.

5- Social Media Platforms

Many social media plat are using Artificial Intelligence technology to give better usability and user experience for their customer.

For example, In LinkedIn, you can find a clear AI example in the matching jobs section.

LinkedIn will analyze your profile and give some suggestions for jobs that are more closely to your searching habits or your profile key skills.

Another clear AI example in social media with Pinterest, Once you upload an image with something like a restaurant.

Automatically Pinterest gives you similar images for a restaurant, In addition to that Pinterest can even suggest you close by a restaurant in your city

6- Chatbots

Chatbots are kind or auto answer machines that already have answers for almost all of the frequently asked questions.

You can find this example clear when you start asking the customer service via a telephone call or online chat.

Chatbots can answer questions like,

  • what time is the bank open?
  • How much it cost to buy this item?
  • What are the required documents to register?

Chatbots are very helpful to reduce human error,

In the same time, it guarantees a unified accurate and high standard message for all customers.

7- Search Prediction

When you start to search over search engines, You will find related words for your search.

This related phrases or related keywords are other examples of AI.

Search engines like google or bing, Gives you the closest search results according to your location, your previous searches and some exceptions for what you are trying to find.

8- Recommended Products

Online stores like Amazon are using AI technology to give you the best shopping experience.

When you start searching for something like a bag, Amazon will give you automatically all the bags in the store that match your search preference.

In addition to that, Amazon also will show you what other customers buy when they are searching for similar or close searching words.

9- Bank Application

Bank application or online banking application will give you a customized experience according to your personal settings.

It will help you to remember your instalments timing,

and gives you notifications about new items and if an update for the term of use or bank policy.

10- Google Maps

One of the best Artificial Intelligence Examples which really make life easy.

Using google maps helps you to reach your destination wherever you are in a simple way.

The AI technology helps you to know,

  • Fastest route
  • Traffic updates
  • Construction locations
  • Required time to reach

11- Uber

Uber application use Artificial intelligence to give you the needed time to reach your destination from your current location

Also, the AI detect your payment capabilities and give you more option which is matching with your personal behaviour.

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