Artificial Intelligence Definition

While searching for the definition of Artificial Intelligence AI,

You shall find many definitions according to the source or even the time.

The recent common definition of Artificial Intelligence is a branch from the computer science in which the computers are equipped with many data and information to work similar or close to the human way.

In other words, The computers or machines start to do some job automatically that human was handle before.

Artificial Intelligence Examples

Many current applications are using AI, It may be surprised if you know that most of these examples are very popular.

However, We don’t realize that it is an application of AI

Here are some examples,

1- Your Smart Phone

Yes, Your smartphone is a clear example of AI.

For instance, Have you asked yourself, How Do automatic smart assistance like Siri works?

Even, did you try before to check your pictures files?

And how they are well documented with place and time?

And many other features are examples for the AI in our smartphones.

2- Smart Cars

The technology of smart cars is another example of the AI.

Accordingly, you can now find these smart cars running in your city, Even you can now hire a smart car taxi in some countries.

3- Drones

Many countries are using smart Drones with Artificial Intelligence for many things.

As a result, Drones are now very common to use to watch the highways, Taking traffic fines, And even to secure important places.

4- Social Media Ads

Did you ask yourself, Why I find this ad any place I go?

Yes, Answer is simple, As AI technology in the social media ads,

In addition to social media, feeds can track and visitor and keep appearing for him whatever the platform he is using.

See More examples in Artificial Intelligence Examples Post

Artificial Intelligence Applications

There is much application for the AI that we are using almost on daily basis.

  • Voice recognition
  • Handwriting recognition applications
  • Eye recognition system: sign in and out system
  • Face recognition: new era used in smart mobile phones
  • Auto Translation
  • API integration

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

There are many advantages for the Artificial Intelligence technology,

Here are the top advantages

  • Error-free or minimal error
  • Safe time and effort
  • Daily usage without stop
  • Can help for many jobs that have special needs like explore the space or watch the traffic
  • Give a lot of information and deep analysis of the projects
  • Perfect for jobs that need repeating like auto-filling the forms and applications
  • Word 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

  • Costly, especially for small size companies
  • Still needs human factor to keep on
  • Will make many people lose their jobs

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