Digital Marketing Trends

In 2019, Digital Marketing is more important than ever, And we can find some Digital Marketing Trends that was already good in 2018,

However, in 2019 the trends are little changed in their ranking and we are going to discuss the most powerful Digital Marketing Trends for 2019.

1- Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The digital marketing trend of Artificial Intelligence shows better ranking in 2019, But first, let’s know what is AI.

Artificial Intelligence is a computerized system that makes a very fast analysis of big data coming from different channels or different sources.

These computers go in a deep analysis of customer behaviour and how they react to a certain product or certain thing.

In other words, The AI is deep analysis for customers, So they analyze every customer behaviour, his best colours, places he always visits, cars he loves, etc…

Discover more examples of Artificial Intelligence.

2- Chatbots

Chatbots is one of the rising trends of digital marketing, As many companies start to apply this service especially for customer service departments.

Chatbots is a computerized system that has answers all the frequently asked questions.

Normally when you call customer service for a bank or any service provider, You will start to ask common questions like,

  • what is the opening time?
  • When you close?
  • Where is the nearest branch?
  • What are the required documents?

So that the company save time and resources by this Chatbots,

At the same time, they guarantee a standard type of services for their customers.

3- Live Videos

From my personal point of view, The live video is the top trend for digital marketing in 2019.

Live video is a magical tool to have great customer experience and engagement in a few minutes or even hours.

The customer gets instant updates about whatever he wants to ask about simply by watching you’re over your social media live stream.

The trend now is showing great, As you can find many social media platform join the era,

And they have their own live streaming options.

Before you go live,

You need first to prepare your speech, Listen carefully for questions and be honest and transparent with your answers.

This is the fastest way to get your customer engagement and best user experience you can ever achieve.

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