Before we start diving in the Digital Marketing Strategy, I would like to start by the Digital Marketing Definition and Some Digital examples.

Therefore, we can better understand the topic and can create a digital marketing strategy in an excellent way.

Let’s start with the definition.

Digital Marketing Definition

Digital Marketing is all about the marketing activities that are related to digital channels, In other words, all the channels which are have a connection to the internet.

A number of digital channels users increases every day,

The Marketing activities should be more in touch with these users who spend more time over the digital channels.

Digital Marketing Examples

There are many examples of digital marketing examples, However, we are going to focus on the top 10 examples.

1- Social Media Marketing

That represent all marketing activities you do over the social media platform, Like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Etc…

Every platform has different features that are more suitable for a certain type of customers.

Social Media Sites has a great effect if you have the required information and experience to use a certain platform to focus on your products or services.

The main focus in the Social Media Marketing is the customer or people as general, As the success factors are mainly related to engagement percentage with a certain post or image.

Using Social Media Marketing represent a good potential and important channel,

That any marketer should use to achieve the required success for his company or even his personal plan.

2- Digital Content Marketing

Digital Content Marketing is more related to the high quality of the content, Either it is a contextual content or multimedia content (Images, Videos, Gifs, Etc..)

The storytelling style gives you good interaction with your customers as they get all the important data about your products or services in an easy way.

In content marketing, you should have good writing skills,

As long poring stories will make your customers unhappy and leaves your site very fast.

Using good images or multimedia is very important to help your customers understanding the story in a better way.

See more about Digital Content Marketing

3- Search Engine Optimization SEO

The Search Engine Optimization is how to optimize your post, blog or website for the search engines.

Google as a search engine always review all the web content and order it according to his own logarithm policy.

Simply Google gives priority for ranking for the good and useful content.

As Google wants to guarantee that the searcher will find the best search experience when using Google.

How to rank better with Google?

Using original content and key searching words are always the key.

Make your content unique and useful, So people like your site and start to engage with it,

Either by leaving comments, or sharing your useful content over their social media.

Please review the SEO Category for more info.

4- Search Engine Marketing SEM

The term Search Engine Marketing is using the paid advertising to deliver the message or the offer very fast.

In Google, we have good examples for SEM, As you will find the ads clearly visible on the first page.

Also, you can find the term Pay Per Click (PPC).

The PPC is also related to paid ads over the search engines like Google.

The PPC require ads which will direct anyone click over to your website or your blog.

The good marketer makes a good balance between the SEO and SEM to achieve the digital marketing strategy goals.

5- Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the best strategies you can use especially for long term plan.

By this marketing strategy, you can reach your customers with the most updates about your products or services.

Building customer list will take some time, However, the good list should be built in an organic way to have good engagement score.

Personally, I don’t advise to buy customer list as you need to build your own list with real customers, which are really interested in your products or your services.

6- Radio Advertising

Radio Advertising is a great strategy for a local business.

When you start advertising on the radio, You need to have a clear vision about your local customers, And which program or channel they mainly use.

Advertising spot should be short, Direct to message and have a clear call to action.

7- Television Advertising

Another great strategy for marketing, However, it needs a good budget to start.

Personally, I think it is more useful for medium size to big companies in certain niches.

For Example, You can have a sponsor for some health program which is related to your health product, Right?

8- Mobile Phone Advertising

Most of Digital Marketing Strategies are related to mobile.

We can find some tactics still working for the time being, Like SMS marketing and Bluetooth marketing.

I believe that in the near future there will be more tactics to make better usage from that digital channel.

Read more, Mobile Advertising

9- Influencer Marketing

Kind of new strategy in the marketing world.

As many social platforms have some popular influencers, The companies start to use this great influence to promote their products.

You will find many influencers are sponsoring many products over the world.

For a good example, see some good practices for big brands and the relation with influencers, Especially cars, in addition to personal brands like perfumes and cosmetics.

Starting an influencer marketing strategy can have good results, If you can find a suitable influencer whom best match your products or services.

10- Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best strategies to use if your product or service is unique.

Therefore, you pay a kind of commission for people who refer another buyer or register for your products or services.

Amazon affiliate program is a super example for Affiliate program application

This strategy is well matching with digital products and services.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Well, After we discussed the digital marketing examples, It is the time now to understand what is the Digital Marketing Strategy.

Digital Strategy is simply the required actions you need to do to achieve your marketing plan goal.

You need first to have a clear goal or target to start planning for the strategy,

For Example, You can set the target to have a certain growth in your sales in certain time.

Therefore, you can say something like, I need to sell 100 pieces from this product during this year.

Now you can start to plan for that target, Just ask yourself some simple questions,

  • What is my product features?
  • The main benefit that my product offer for the customer?
  • Is my product has a unique selling point?
  • Which channel I need to use?
  • What is my budget?

After that, you answer these question you will have a better idea about your products, your customers, And the best marketing channels to reach them.

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