3 Must-Have items for Blog

3 Must-Have Items For Your Blog

After you finish the set up of your blog, There are 3 must-have items you need to add to your blog as well.

To get a better ranking over the search engines, a higher number of visitors and a better understanding for your users.



You might consider adding a statistics tool to track your Internet traffic.

There are many statistics tools that you can add to your blog to check and track your visitors.

One of the great features most of them provide is information about the referring links to your site.

This info will tell you what websites and blog sites your visitors are viewing on their way to view your blog.

So you will find it amazing to click on your statistics page,
and see a colourful map of the world pop up with a coloured pin.

That showing your visitors are coming from all over the world.


Blog Advertisements
Blog Advertisements
You may also want to add some advertisements on your blog to generate money for yourself.
Once you find the site traffic is going high, you can start to think to monetize your blog for money,
By using one of the commercial ad programs Like Google Adsense,
Or you can consider putting local ads from businesses within your community.

Polling software

You may also notice on many blog sites a little polling sticker in the corner,

that asks your opinion on something or ask you to subscribe for the newsletter

So If you click on the sticker, a window will pop up that shows you how many people have voted and what is their choices.

The main purpose is primarily to drive up traffic,

Because every time you click on the site the statistic counter will go up again.

This hit counter is what drives up advertising rates, and increase your profits as well

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