How to start a blog – A complete Guide for Beginners

How to start a blog?

before starting we need first to define the meaning of the word “blog”, Blog is a combination of two words, (Web and Log) and refer to an informational kind of website that publishes different posts on a certain niche. so how to start a blog?

Blogging is one of the best ways you can use to represent yourself, share your valuable information and make money at the same time.

In order to start a successful blog, you need to follow 4 easy steps. Let’s start with step 1

Step one: Choose your blog niche


The word niche is the category you are going to write on,

you can find many kinds of niches as an example, health niche, business niche, decoration niche, etc…

Some niches are big enough to have sub-niches, For example, the health niche includes many sub-niches, like,

weight loss, diet, skin health, food supplements, etc…

Start with one niche that you have experience on its topics,

that will be easier for you to start and to write good, useful content as well.

Step two: Choose your blogging platform

There are many blog site builder, that offer free or inexpensive blogging platform and free blog hosting for your blog as well.


Start by checking out Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, or others and check out the features, and any potential costs.

Here is a shortlist of best blogging platforms you might consider.

1- is one of the most popular and perhaps one of the most user-friendly blog platforms.

Blogger will build your blog for free, and you can host your blog as well.

2- Easyjournal: This blog platform is free.

3- This blog platform is free.

4- Radio Userland: This is software that you purchase and it requires server space for publishing.

5- TypePad: There is a cost to use this blog platform but it is a popular one.

6- Xanga: This blog platform is free.

7- WordPress: This blog platform is free.

There are many other blog builders companies, that are available and easy to find with the simple search over the internet.

Many of these blog builder websites are free as a basic service,

As well, they provide additional upgrades for additional fees.

Some of these sites may require advertising on your blog posts,

However, others will allow advertising as an option.

If you think blogging may be a long-term project for you then you should take time to find a site that you really like.

As moving your content from one blog platform to another can be hard and costly as well.


By the time you may have developed loyal followers,

and when you move from one platform to another one,

you not only have technical issues in moving all your content from one server to another, but you are also changing your URL.

This is like changing your postal address and your physical location.

People may have trouble finding you again.

How to choose a Blogging Platform

There are some points you need to consider when you think about choosing a blogging platform.


Many bloggers are using WordPress

because WordPress provides you with the blogging builder tools, a free domain name, and free hosting as well.

also, WordPress allows you to put the blog up without ads.

Since you are just starting, you don’t want to invest any money and need the simplest startup possible.

You can also set the blog up so that only the people you identify can access the blog.

This is an excellent way to get started if you want to experiment without your blog is visible to everyone on the Internet.

Once you have chosen a blog platform and software it is time to set up your blog site.

Step three: Set up your blog site

There are many choices to make when setting up your blog.

Most of these choices are menu-driven and do not need any technical background to get started.

To help the beginners,

there are usually default choices that present the most standard and popular settings
when you come to a setting that you do not understand.

The range of decisions goes from the basic colours and font styles of how your blog will look,
to the way, your blog will archive all your posts.

Almost all the choices you make can change later,

when you get more comfortable with how the blog software works.

Any person who is somewhat familiar with computers can be up and blogging in twenty minutes.

When you set up your blog site you will need to determine,

whether to go with a hosted platform or a standalone platform.

Step four: Decide how much engagement you need


This is the most important decisions that a beginner blogger will make when deciding to blog.

There are many available options of public interaction you will allow on your blog.

These options range from no public comments at all and limited public visibility,

to unlimited anonymous public comments and unlimited public visibility on the web.

These options range from the option of a restrictive and limited public presence,

to the option of a wide-open public forum.

Most bloggers recommend starting with limiting public input and interaction,
in the beginning, until the blogger is comfortable with the forum.

The most restrictive option is by allowing a few members to view your blog with no comments.

how to start a blog final words

Starting a new blog is like open a new shop, that you need to inform everyone about it.

  • Always start with close friends, colleagues and family members about that.
  • If you are working in a company share your blog link with your colleagues.
  • show them the benefits they will have from that blog.
  • Call your friends and your family members, share your new blog link with them,
  • Also, ask them to give you feedback about the design, speed and the topics you post in.
  • As well, ask them what are the points you need to enhance.

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