How to Get Traffic for Your Website

How to Get Traffic for Your Website

No matter how much effort you have spent designing a world-class blog template,

Or how much time you spent to developing quality content for the site;

your blog is only useful to others when they actually read it.

Expanding your readership and increasing the traffic to your blog site is the next step.

How to get traffic for your website or your blog? And is the strategy you need to follow?

Here are a few simple strategies you can use to increase your blog traffic in small time

By following these easy steps,

you can have average traffic from two thousand and up to seven thousand views per day.

Number Of Visitors

Number of visitors
Number of visitors

The definition of a “visitor” on this blog as one device that visits your site during a thirty minute period.

If the person logged out and returned later, they count as another visitor.

But, if they clicked on various parts of the site twenty times during that thirty minute period,

it would register as twenty separate views on the site but still one visitor.

For the serious blogger,

this site statistics feedback is important to show you how you are doing.

You will be able to watch the peak usage and the location of your visitors,

Also, it will show you, what sites they came from on their way to your blog.

This feedback will help you as you begin to find what works and what doesn’t.

There are many simple strategies that you can use to have more traffic to your website or your blog.

E-mail Your Blog Link to Your Friends & colleagues

E-mail is One of the best ways to get traffic to your website.

The first early key to increasing your visitors,

starts with inviting friends and colleagues to check your site.

Start by e-mailing your blog link to all your friends,

and ask them to bookmark the site or consider making it their home page on their personal computers.

You can also ask them to forward the link to other people they know in their community,

That includes their parents, friends and family members as well.

The next step is to mention the blog site in various public forums and events.

Mention the Site in Many Public Forums

You can promote your blog site by sharing it in several internet forums and social marketing companies,

so that the community would pick up on it.

You can also advertise it in various social media groups, either on Facebook or any other social media platform.

For at least a year or more, you will want to mention the blog site in as many public forums as possible.

You also made a habit of mentioning the blog in as many individual conversations as you could.

Besides promoting the blog in various settings,

you will want to develop your blog site by connecting it to as many other sites as possible.

The goal is to make your blog a central site where people can then move on to other sites of interest.

Make Your Site a “One-Stop-Shop”

Good blogs are gateways to rich information from one site.

Consider sharing of your blog links to all your important websites,

local newspapers, weather channels, athletic links, school calendars, etc.

The more links you can provide, the greater the chance that a patron will come to your site first.

If your site becomes their first stop, they can then move on to other sites of interest.

Think about the superstores like Walmart and the small gas station,

that carries a wide variety of snacks and drinks.

What do they have in common? Convenience is what they have in common.

In today’s fast-paced world, consumers appreciate making one stop completing many errands at the same time.

If you make your blog a portal to other sources of information such as:

weather forecasts, events, announcements, and links to local and national news sources,

you may find that your patrons are making your site their first stop whenever they surf the Internet.

If you don’t know what sites they wish to click through to, then ask them.

That can be your post for the day. Then take the popular ones and make the selections a mini-poll.

See how easy it is?

Once you have increased the number of links to potential sites of interest,

you can consider putting an RSS feed on your blog site.

RSS Feeds

Another easy way to get traffic to your website or your blog.

RSS Feeds
RSS Feeds

The term RSS stands for Simple Syndication, although there is nothing simple about it.

Many high-end Internet users have so many sites of interest,

that they do not have time to check each site to see if there is anything new or interesting there.

So the solution is to choose a news aggregator,

which is a news site that will allow you to customize all the sites of particular interest to you.

By placing an RSS feed on your blog site,

A feature your blog platform will usually provide for you,

you will be allowing the reader to place that RSS feed into their news aggregator.

This news aggregator will contact the reader,

whenever an RSS feed notifies them that a site has updated their information.

In this way, a busy person can log on each day to their news aggregator site,

and it will notify them if any of their sites of interest have updated their website.

Besides the above tips that come from my personal experience,

I would like to know from your experience as well.

please share your experience within the comment section.

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