Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising

The term Mobile Advertising is related to the digital advertising activities that happen on Mobile phones or mobile devices.

Mobile advertising is also one component of the Digital Marketing Strategy, that uses mobile phones as a channel to advertise

Most likely you can find these ads on the application that you download to your mobile phone device,

As these applications are supported with advertising system that shows a different kind of ads to the users.

Let’s start now to see the different types of mobile advertising, and how it works

Types of Mobile Advertising

For the time being, we can find 4 different types from mobile advertising that use a different approach and has a different kind of features.

1- Download ads

In download mobile ads, The user is directed to download some app to his mobile phone.

The download Ads is ideally come with download now (call to action),

That once you click the ad you will be directly going to the app store that connected to your mobile operation system.

Like wise, if you are using I-phone, you will be directly go to the Apple store page for this ad to download,

However, in case of that you are using Android smart phone, you will be directly go to google play store.

Finally, you can click the download button to download this app, and fix in your mobile phone.

2- Calling ads

In this kind of mobile advertising, the ad has a link to a phone number, that once your click the (Call Now) button,

You will be directly go to your mobile calling directory, and start to dial this number.

Most companies use this kind for calling ads,

In order to encourage their potential customers to call the customer service or the call center,

So as to solve some issue, or to know more about some new product or reserve an appointment to visit

3- Banner advertising ads

This type of mobile advertising is very common,

As banner advertising either, it is an image or text banner will open the browser and automatically redirect the user to the web page of this product once the user click on the banner.

Banner advertising has great benefits as the visual ads mostly convert more sales than the calling ads or the download ads.

Customer has the option to first see the product page,

In order to know more about the product features, benefits and how to use,

After that, he can decide either to,

  • download, in case of the mobile app,
  • to call, in case of services,
  • or to buy in case of e-commerce

4- Bush Notification

In this kind of Mobile advertising, companies use the bush notification to advertise their new products, new content, or related topics to their customers

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