Mobile Advertising Advantages

Mobile Advertising Advantages

Mobile Advertising Advantages

Today we are going to discuss Mobile advertising advantages, either for startups and entrepreneurs or medium and big size businesses as well.

Earlier in Mobile Advertising post, we discussed the different types of mobile advertising,

and how each type has different features and when it is used.

Today we are going to discuss the advantages of mobile advertising,

and how to maximize it in order to increase your sales

10 Top Advantages of Mobile Advertising

1- Easy to reach people at any place

People are carrying their mobile phone devices at any place they are in,

They use their mobile in work, home or even on vacations.

The mobile advertiser will guarantee that the user will receive his Ad a few seconds after he sends it

2- Less expensive Advertising channel

As the size of the screen of the mobile device is smaller than the desktop screen or the laptop screen,

The available area for advertising over mobile devices is limited,

Accordingly, the needed content is much less in size and in cost as well.

Moreover, the cost of mobile ads itself is much less in cost,

when we compare to radio advertising or TV advertising for the same campaign

3- Easy to track results

As the mobile Ad will be seen quickly by the users, we can say within a few minutes,

Then it will be easy to track the initial results for any campaign within the first 10-20 minutes from sending the ad.

This great benefit will help the advertiser to make the necessary required action to improve the ad,

in order to have more interaction and convert more sales

4- More likely to have more engagement

People like to share good content over their social media different sites,

Either it is a good image, nice video, or even helpful article.

In case they like your ad, they will share as well on their social media pages,

with more opportunities for better engagement

5- Better targeting for your audiences

Mobile advertising has a high targeting feature, as you can target a certain location or country by setting the ads to that location,

As well, the local business can enjoy better targeting options,

as you can target people that are living in your city, your district,

or even the same street in case of personal services like a barbershop.

6- Focused by niche

In addition to high geographic targeting features,

Moreover, In Mobile ads, you can also choose to set your ads for a certain specific niche,

Like if you have a baby shop and you are targeting specific mothers that have babies under 2 years.

7- Faster to see results

Just by a few clicks, Once your potential customer sees your ad,

Then he just clicks it and makes payment within a few seconds.

This short steps can help advertisers to see very fast results with mobile advertising,

Like no need to call, register, etc…

Just see, click, pay, and done.

8- Multiple options for advertising

As discussed earlier in Mobile Advertising post,

There is more than one way to advertise over mobile, and different types of advertisements as well.

Either it is ad over Facebook, a promoted tweet over Twitter, or a promoted pin over Pinterest,

You can reach your customers in variable and easy ways.

9- Better chances in future

As the main focus is currently going toward mobile devices,

There are great opportunities are waiting for you in the near future.

The usage of new technologies like Artificial Intelligence and its application examples will also make huge opportunities for mobile advertisers in the near future

10- More likely to go viral

Well designed ads that carry good interesting content and true value for the users,

Has great opportunities to go viral in the social media different platforms.

As we discussed, People like to share social media accounts,

That’s why The continuous and repeated sharing for certain content will make it go viral.

Viral ads convert extremely high and boost sales in a fantastic way

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