Mobile Advertising Disadvantages

Mobile Advertising Disadvantages

Mobile Advertising Disadvantages

Mobile Advertising is a great channel to reach your customers in an easy way, However, There are some disadvantages to mobile advertising,

that you need to consider before and while you are running your campaign

Earlier we discussed the Mobile Advertising and the Advantages as well,

However, we need to highlight some disadvantages as well in order to have a successful mobile advertising experience.

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The top 8 Mobile Advertising Disadvantages

1- Hard to fix mistakes

As Mobile advertising is very fast in nature,

In other words, the user or the targeted audiences will receive your ad in a few minutes,

Which means that, if there is an error or mistake in the ad, it is really hard to correct it.

Even if you correct the ad and spot it again,

You don’t have a guarantee that the customer will open it again to see the corrections, or even the same user will receive the corrected ad at all.

As well, the first user impression will not be good, so as to you need to review your ad much time before spotting it in a mobile advertising campaign.

2- More hesitated customers

As the area of advertising over mobile phones is limited, the ad content is very short in word counts as well,

This limited content in most cases, can not explain the full message to the customers, That this customer may misunderstand the ad message,

Moreover, the customer may be confused about the ad, and will simply ignore it.

In order to solve that issue, you can use the highly focused and clear message in your ads,

Moreover, you can use some call to action like, learn more, to encourage your customer to learn more about the product or service.

Using short video telling the product story is the ideal idea in these cases

3- Customization issues

Mobile phones come with a great variety of sizes, browsers and display functions,

as there is no one single template you can use to build your ad according to it.

For example, if your ad is designed to be ideally displayed over big size screens,

The users that see your ad in small screen will suffer to read the content,

Moreover, maybe some area of the ad is not appearing to them,

Or some ad function is not working over their mobile devices.

Try to use smart and responsive ads style, in order to reduce that factor as possible.

4- Bad user experience

As a good ad can go viral by multiple shares over social media,

As well bad received ads will do the same.

Try to make sure that your ad will not be received in a bad way, and make sure to test it first in small communities before starting the campaign.

This disadvantage is more likely to face Multinational companies that direct their ads in a global way,

As maybe some words or expressions has good meaning in some countries, At the same time, it has a bad meaning in other countries.

Test your ads in every single market place before running the campaign on a global scale

5- Not accurate data

The data you receive from campaign analysis tools maybe not very accurate as many customers will click your ad by mistake, while they are touching their mobile screens.

According, the more accurate data that you need to consider in mobile advertising is the sales data

6- Hard to serve immediately

If you ad require some customer service help or to call the company,

You can not serve this ad like 24/7,

As the different timing between countries will make it impossible to serve all of your potential customers immediately.

Even after you reach your customer later, maybe he is sleeping or he already loses his interest in this product.

If you are running a global mobile ad campaign,

Make sure to have the need resources to cover the received calls, At least for the first 24 hours.

7- Easy to ignore

Mobile users are more likely to ignore your ads,

As they are trying to find something over search or try to find some location over maps.

In the case of busy customers, they will normally ignore your ads and keep searching, reading, or watching their videos

8- More required testing

As discussed earlier, there is no room for mistakes in mobile advertising.

You need to run many testing phases for your mobile ad before start advertising,

User experience test, Functionality test and visual test are a must in the Mobile Ads

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