Types of Email Marketing

The 11 types of Email Marketing that you need to use

Currently, we can find many types of email marketing which comes all under two main categories, The Informational emails and Transitional Emails.

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I listed down 11 different types of Email marketing that you can use

A- Informational Email

The informational email is mainly used to send different information to your current customers, Or the customers who already signed in your email list.

Under the Informational email, we can find 7 different types of Email marketing,

1- Announcement Email

In this type, you use Email to send a new announcement for your customers, which may be an announcement for new Ebook publishing, discount offers, Etc..

Usually, you will describe some details about the new offer, sale, etc.., with a call to action at the end of the Email to motivate your customers to buy, join or even register to that offer.

2- Update Email

In this type of Email marketing, Companies use update Email to send a frequent update for their products or services to their customers.

Update Email is useful for when the product has a new feature that needs more clarification, or service that extended to more regions.

However, Most customers don’t like this type of Emails and most of the time they ignore so try to make it short, direct and useful

3- Newsletter 

The newsletter is one of the most used types of Email marketing,

that companies use to offer their customers with a weekly or monthly summary for all the activities done.

Try to use nice images of high-quality specs and start with a quick summary of all the topics with a read more button for each topic to encourage your customers for more engagement.

4- Invitation Email

The invitation Email is a great way to invite your customers to attend a certain event for your company.

The Invitation Email should include the event time, venue, and a good reason for your customers to attend this event.

You can use some attractive ways like extra discounts for early birds, a free upgrade for the first 100 registrations, Or opportunity to enter the withdraw.

In order to motivate your customers to attend,

Don’t forget to have a clear call to action in the invitation that is linked to the registration form and the payment gateway if needed.

5- Dedicated Email

Companies usually send dedicated Email to a certain segment of their customers that are required to do some action

For example, You may need to send dedicated Email to new customers of a certain product to instruct them on how to use this product

Or you may need to send dedicated Email to customers who consume 50% of his mobile data.

As well, you can send dedicated Email to customers that are celebrating their birthdays on a certain day

6- Social Media Email

You can use social media Email if you are using certain kinds of social media platforms like LinkedIn and Google+.

As these two platforms allow you to send direct Email to your group members when you are the admin of this group.

In this case, the Email template is fixed to use only contextual copy without images,

Likewise, try to use short and well-organized Email copy.

Use bullet points and numbers to help your customers for better understanding

7- Internal Emails

Companies usually use internal Emails or Newsletter to communicate with their employee, especially if the company has many offices or branches in different places or countries.

The most important thing in internal Email is clarity, as you need your employee to well understand your message or announcement.

Be focused, direct to the point and choose your words to no one is confused.

B- Transitional Email

Transitional Email is a customized communication Email,

That you use to send a certain message to a certain person to complete his purchase steps or to collect her shipment.

In the Transitional type of Email,

you will need to use some Email software that helps you to track and customize your Email message

1- Confirmation Email

Confirmation Email is usually used to confirm your customer registration or payment.

The Email title should be short, simple and direct to the point,

Usually, you can use the “Confirmation Email” as a title for your Email.

Make it simple and direct, No excessive design or information,

just summary for the process and the basic information for the customer data and payment amount,

Also, you may add a tracking button if your customer expects delivery and needs to track his shipment.

2- Thank You Email

You need to thank your customer for the registration or the payment he just has done

Send a thank-you email to your customer, with a clear call to action button,

Also, you can support the Email with a direct link for his order or the downloaded file he did,

That will help your customer to easily find the downloaded file, Ebook, plugin, etc…

You will need to use an auto-responder Email software,

that will help you to send an automatic message by mail to your customers after registration or payment steps finished.

As well, In the case of affiliate marketing,

you need to use a thank you email after your customer registered to your email list,

Then you can redirect him to your affiliate offer

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3- Welcome Email

Welcome Email is one of the most favourite Email to your new customers,

As he just joins you with minimal or in some case no information about you, your company and your products.

Leave a good first impression on your new customers,

As well, make sure to show them the best side of your product’s features

Also, try to give more information about your services and what they shall expect from you

4- Following Up Email

The following up Email is important as any previous kind we mentioned earlier or even more in importance.

Most of your customers will not buy your products from the first Email they receive,

Accordingly, you need to follow-up regularly with them to raise your sales conversion rate.

As well, You need to use following up Email for cross-selling tactics,

As you need to sell out some related products for the customer who already buy from you the first one.

For example, If your company is selling Domain Name,

Then, you can also send follow-up Emails to offer them a hosting solution,

As well, You can send follow-up email offering a discount for a website builder offers.

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