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Email marketing services are one variety of digital marketing in which we send a different kind of content and advertising messages to the registered customer in our email list, By using a different kind of bulk email marketing software.

Email software is the tool that enables us to send bulk number of emails at the same time by creating different types of email, like, informational emails or transitional emails in different formats, like, HTML pages, Video content or Contextual content

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Types of Email Marketing

Well, we can find 2 main types of Email, That is widely used for marketing activities.

The informational Email which is mainly used to send some kind of information to your customer, like,

Invitation Email, announcement Email, and Dedicated Email, etc…

And the second type is the transitional Email,

in which you send a dedicated message for a dedicated person like, confirmation Email, welcome Email, and thank you Email

Please find more details in the 11 Types of Email Marketing

What is the Best Software for Email Marketing?

As there is multiple varieties of bulk Email marketing software in the market,

that you can use for your Email marketing activities that are available with different features and prices

you can choose the best Email marketing software for your business according to these 3 factors, 

First, you need to know what is the features that you will need in this Email software,

Second, you need to define the available budget and finally,

Third, the size of your current Email list.

However, I prepared a list with the top 6 Email marketing software companies,

that is providing the service with different features, tools, integration systems.

As well, you can find different prices according to the size of your Email list

Top 10 Email Marketing Software Companies

1- Active Campaign

Active Campaign is one of the best Email marketing software companies that provide variable plans and prices,

which is suitable for almost everyone, like, startups, small business and big corporate as well.


As well, The Active Campaign software comes with great tools like,

  • Bulk Email Marketing software
  • Marketing Automation
  • Email automation software
  • Sales and CRM automation
  • Messaging
  • And corporate solutions

The company also give a free trial for 14 days, So you can try it and see if it suitable for you are not

2- HubSpot 

HubSpot is another example of a good Email marketing software provider company.


HubSpot provides all in one solution for business as they integrate all of the following tools in one place,

  • Bulk Email marketing
  • CRM automation
  • Email automation software
  • Content Management System
  • And landing pages builder

Although there are a good variety of tools you can use,

However, The System is expensive for startups and small business, As there are some other alternatives in the market with fewer prices.

3- GetResponse

GetResponse is one of the well-known names in the industry of email marketing, they have a good reputation and over 350,000 customers as per now.


GetResonse provides some great tools and some amazing features like A/B split testing,

As well, perfect time Email auto sender that choose the most suitable time to send your Email to different customers over different time zones.

However, I think GetResponse has some limitation when you need to upload your Email list to the system,

which may not be good for some companies that already have their own customer’s list.

4- Sendlane

Sendlane is another example of good Email software.

Sendlane email marketing services
Free Email Marketing Software Sendlane

The software come with many great features like,

  • Bulk Email marketing
  • Email Automation software
  • Marketing automation
  • Real-time tracking
  • Event tracking
  • Email retargeting

In addition to all these great features, Sendlane has other great features that are dedicated to E-commerce business like Shopify

Sendlane is one of the best E-commerce Email marketing software.

5- Benchmark

Benchmark is one of the best options in case you are a newbie or startup

Email Marketing Software Benchmark

It is very easy to use and considered as one of the best free Email software,

Likewise, it offers a free plan for users that have a customer list of 2000 customer

Moreover, the software is supported with a handy email builder,

that will help you to build your Email and customize it in just a few minutes.

The software is responsive for all devices which will leave great customer experience to your readers

6- SendX

Sendx is one of the fast-growing companies in the Email marketing software industry.

Email Marketing Software SendX

The software is coming with a unique feature which is opti-send technology,

which automatically resends Email for customers who didn’t open the first one.

SendX software is easy to use and comes with many affordable payment plans.

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