Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization

The search engine optimization term is rising in the digital marketing world like a rocket.

Many of my friends ask me what is Search engine optimization? and how you can make it works for our business?

In this post, I will try as much as I can to cover the search engine optimization topic, In order to help you to use this great strategy to grow your business.

Let’s first define the term search engine optimization (SEO) and see how it work.

What Is SEO and How It Works

The SEO is the process by which you increase your website ranking position over the search engine search in a natural or organic way without any payment or advertising from your side.

In other words, To make your website appear as a first result, or within the first search engine results when someone is searching for some keyword.

While preparing your Digital Marketing Strategy, You should consider the search engine optimization as a cornerstone on it.

The better ranking over the search engines, Like google or bing for example,

as a result, it will increase your website visibility and will increase your customer acquisition which will increase your sales.

How Search Engine Optimization Works

The process of search engine optimization is something that you need to build over time.

It is like you are playing some game to collect score points,

And As a result for that, The more points you can collect, The higher ranking you will have.

SEO Assessment Factors

There are many factors that Google will assess you with your points.

Factors like content quality, a keyword that people are searching for, Website speed, And also traffic size and source.

Start to work in all these factors step by step to have a better score in each one.

Each step you do to enhance your website, Either good content or optimized image, high-end traffic, etc.. Give you score points for your website.

By doing these process and repeat it on daily or weakly basis, Your website score points will increase over time.

When you collect more and more score points,

You are sending an indirect message to search engines that your website value is increasing,

And accordingly, they will give your higher indexing for searching results.

The Most Important Factors to Consider in SEO

As discussed earlier, You need to collect the maximum number of point in every assessment factors,

However, there are 3 main factors that have higher consideration for search engines.

Factor 1- Quality:

Initially, you need to create an interesting and unique content for your website that tells search engines that you are different for others in the same niche.

Use new and unique ideas to advertise your products or services to your audiences,

Then sharing your product information with your customers asking for their opinions.

Create a community around your brand to get their personal input in your content, In addition to that, motivate them to share your content within their social media profiles.

Factor 2- Trust:

To reserve a place for your website in the first searching page, You need to show to Google that people trust your website.

Building trust is a long term strategy, As the building of a good brand image takes some time from companies to do.

Trust show pretty clear in testimonial sections or the good reviews your brand collect over time, Loyal customers will share their personal experience with your brand,

Thus new and potential customers will give some initial trust and will show interest to try your products as well.

Factor 3- Authority:

I personally consider the Authority factor is the most important factor for better ranking over search engines.

Authority means popularity of your website over the niche you are working in.

Google as a search engine would like to show for the searchers the most popular websites or blog in the niche or the keyword they are searching for.

In order to have high score points in Authority factors, you need your website to spread over the community,

And I consider Social Media Marketing is the easiest way to do that

Search Engine Optimization Tools

There are many free tools you can use in order to enhance your SEO scoring over the search engines.

As said these tools are free to use and would help you to act fast and in a professional way.

1- Google Page Speed insights

Your website speed is an important factor in the assessment process, Go to Google Page Speed insights and test your website and mobile site speed as well.

The most interesting thing about this site, Is that it gives you a detailed report about your site speed with a section for the area you need to improve.

Page speed has three main scales, Fast, Average and Slow.

2- will help you to discover long tail keywords for your original keyword.

3- Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most useful SEO tools you can use for deep analysis of your business.

4- Google Search Console

Google Search Console will give you a full idea about how Google sees your site, Also it will help you to discover any kind of problem within the website.

5- Bing Webmaster Tool

Bing Webmaster Tool is a similar example for Google Console, However, it is dedicated for Bing.

6- Ahref’s Backlink Checker

Ahref’s will help you to discover your website backlinks and your domain rating as well,

In addition to that, you can use to check your competitor’s websites as well.

7- Google Keyword Planner

The Google Keyword Planner Tool will help you to find some data about searching words, How much potential these words have, And some long tail alternatives as well.

8- Google Trends

Google Trends free tools will give you more insights about the market new trends and the old trends that get better or even lower acceptance over time.

9- SEO Site Checkup

SEO Site Checkup is one of the perfect tools you need to use in order to have a complete checkup for your website.

Also, it gives you a detailed report about the areas that you need to improve.

I personally recommend everyone to use, It is easy and free

10- Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO will give you good tips on how to write good content, That matches with the required SEO factors.

Yoast is a dedicated tool for WordPress users only,

It offers a free plugin in the case you are using WordPress as a CMS system.


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