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Social Media Marketing Definition

Social Media Marketing (SMM), is one of the digital marketing channels that use social media platforms as a marketing tactic to reach their customer with.

One of the main targets for Social media marketing, Is to have useful content that social networking users like and share with their own community.

In addition to that, Using social media marketing increase the SEO ranking over search engines like Google,

As Google algorithms will give higher ranking for sites that have traffic from different sources,

Especially if this content is useful and people share it on their own social pages.

How to Do Social Media Marketing

You can do social media marketing?

Find out some useful tips about social media marketing,

  1. Set your goals and what you need to achieve from social media
  2. Focus on customers persona and the things they need
  3. Cover their need by useful benefits of your product or service
  4. Write rich content that is easy to understand and use good images
  5. Choose a good call to action
  6. Test your ad before you go to your campaign
  7. Take corrective actions and scale up

Social Media Marketing Business

Starting a successful SMM over the different social media platforms, You first need to plan for the campaign.

The planning process includes targeting, positioning and set a budget for this ad campaign.

In addition to that, you need to create a piece of content that is suitable for your targeted audiences.

Read more about Digital Content Marketing.

Do not forget to add an appealing image to attract people to check your ad.

Once the plan is revised and approved by the social media manager,

Then they start to use the ads manager over the chosen social media platform.

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Social Media Sites

There is Much number of Social Media Sites. That give free services to their customers.

Among these huge number, we can find some few names that are showing good performance and exponential growth over time.

I also dedicate a separate post for this topic in order to discuss it in more details.

For more info about

Social Media Marketing Benefits

SMM has many benefits that could help you to

1- Increase your brand awareness:

Social media will give your customers an easy way to follow you up, And to know more about your brands and what is the benefits they will have if they buy it.

2- Good source for organic traffic:

Social media will drive a ton of traffic for your website or your blog, This traffic will increase your SEO ranking, In addition to a higher presence in your niche.

3- Increase in selling your products or services:

You can increase your sales by selling your products directly over the social platforms

4- Create a community for your brands:

While you receive some comments from users, You will find others will replay with their own experience with that products, While others will like or share your posts.

All these kinds of social engagement will create a community for your brands,

That will be very helpful for new customers or even potential customers,

to see real feedback about the brand and some useful tips about how to use, when to use, etc…

5- Get instant feedback from customers:

In social media, you will get fast feedback about your product,

Many of the new users will like to share their experience with this brand.

The better the feedback, the better chances for you to have more and more sales conversion, and for sure more loyal customers to your brand

6- Easy way to share important info about your products:

You can share any info about your product, Like if you have new editions or launching a new related product, The social media is the best way to share this info in a fast and easy way.

7- Enjoy a higher level of Authority:

After you have a good number of loyal customers and a follower over the social media platforms.

Now people will look to your page as an important source of info that they will refer to once they need to know more about this niche.

Example, If your niche is digital marketing, and you have some loyal followers to your social pages.

These followers will consider your page as a source of info for anything related to digital marketing niche.

And this will give you a higher level of authority in the market, So if you decide to mention some product on your social page,

Make sure that this product will have more sales referred by your website.

We call that influencer marketing which you have influence over your followers on their buying habits.

8- Retargeting Tactics:

Retargeting Marketing is a super benefit for social media, As you can track your ad customers and visitor and to consider them for future campaigns.

How to use Retargeting?

You can set up your ads with retargeting options by using pixels inside the ad to create a targeted audience for future activities.

Retargeting will help you to convert more sales over time,

As the more than one time your potential customers see your ads,

The more chances you have to have more sales.

You may find also the term Remarketing which has the same meaning of Retargeting.

Social Media Marketing Companies

If you are interested to start social media marketing,

However, for a reason or another, you can not handle it by yourself.

Then you can easily outsource this task for a professional marketing agency in your local city.

Start searching for the top companies in your local area,

You need to discover their potential by giving special attention to their company profile,

their current customers And the previous jobs are done at their end.

Start to rank them according to your business needs,

Then you can approach them by phone call or email

In order to set up a meeting to discuss their potential, new ideas, and the estimated cost.

Social Media Marketing Jobs

As many companies realize the importance of social media to their business and brand awareness,

Therefore, You can find the social media marketing jobs start to increase in number dramatically.

Most big sizes companies in addition to medium size companies have dedicated employees for social media marketing.

The bigger size is the company, The higher number of social media department employees you can find

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