Social Media Marketing Strategy


Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Strategy is part of the main Digital Marketing Strategy.

The digital marketing manager set all of the social media activities and social media tactics,

That the company will use or a certain period of time.

Let’s now see the social media marketing strategy definition,

As identified by social media marketing professionals.

Social Media Marketing Strategy Definition

Social media marketing strategy is the set of actions and tools,

that the company will use to manage the social media marketing platforms over a certain time.

The social media marketing strategy as a child file of the main digital marketing strategy,

In addition to that, It gives more focus on social media measurements and analysis tools,

that will be used to evaluate the situation and percentage of success that the strategy does.

In addition to that, the social media marketing plan should have a very clear objective,

As the company can not consider an increasing number of followers over Twitter is a success,

However, it can be if it is a part of the plan.

As the social media topic is not well defined in quantity,

or has a direct connection to sales for some time.

In order to evaluate the strategic plan and take the corrective actions,

The digital marketing department in every company should link the social strategy with a well-measured success factor,

Likewise converting rate, Engagement rates, And for sure the annual growth in sales as a major objective for any company

Social Media Marketing Strategy Example

In this section, I will share you one example of great practice for social media marketing strategy.

This example will help us to understand more about the strategy selection and application,

Moreover, we will learn how is the change in the strategy can help in generating more engagement over social media,

As a result, it generates more brand awareness a more sale

Casper Case Study

Casper is one of the mattress sellers that focus on the direct to the consumer marketing strategy for company sales.

And as the number of new mattress brands increases every day,

Casper company start to lose some customers and sales start to decrease in time.

How Casper Change The Strategy?

The marketing team in Casper start to analyze the current situation,

After that, they start to think about a different strategy with a different approach to overcome a bad situation.

After that, They decide to change the marketing strategy from focusing on selling mattress to change the main focus to the sleep concept.

That change is strategy and concept applied over all their social media channels,

And the engagement starts to increase dramatically.

Change The Main Concept

The main concept is changing the approach in their advertisements,

As not all people show interest to know more info about our mattress,

However everybody will show more interest to know more info about sleeping,

Then they start to use ideas like How to sleep well? Sleeping tips you need to follow, etc…

These new topics attract more customers and the sales start to increase again within a few weeks.

Social Media Marketing Strategy Benefits

Applying a good social media marketing strategy is a key success factor that the company will achieve on their social media platforms.

The good marketing strategy need to study customer habits and buying motives,

At the same time, they need to keep an eye for the market,

As well they need to follow the new market trends and come up with corrective actions whenever needed.

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