Social Media Advertising Definition

It is the marketing tactics in which we use the social media platforms to run the company advertising campaigns.

Social Media Adverting should follow the Social Media Marketing plan which already has the final approval by the company

Types of Social Media Advertising

According to the main 4 types of social media platforms, As well there are 4 types of social media advertising,

  1. Social networking advertising, Like Facebook, Google+
  2. Blogging advertising, Like Twitter
  3. Photo sharing advertising, Like Instagram
  4. Video sharing advertising, Like YouTube, and Facebook live

Social Media Advertising Examples

There are many examples we can find for a successful advertising campaign over the internet,

Moreover, there are some local advertisements that doing very well in local markets.

In this section, we will discuss one example for Amazon as a perfect global adverting that go viral.

Amazon Black Friday Advertisement

Amazon Advertising
Amazon Advertising

Black Friday Ad was one of the successful advertising examples for Amazon,

And, the ad itself becomes to be a trend in the market and other companies even follow the same trend in advertising.

Because, the ad was very clear, direct to consumer and easy to understand.

Moreover, Amazon uses a very nice call to action,

Which is Shop now to direct the customer to the action they should do after seeing this ad.

In addition to that,

Amazon makes a good focus on the value that customer will have when he follow this black Friday to have discounted price.

Social Media Advertising Effectiveness

Advertise on social media can bring you many benefits and advantages,

In conclusion,

  1. Increase your sales and your brand awareness as well.
  2. Obtain many customer inputs, Which is useful content that will help you to refresh your current content and show trust in your products or services.
  3. Moreover, You will have more exposure and higher engagement rates, especially if your customers like and share your content posts.
  4. As well, Have sufficient data that you can analyze to scale up and increase the number of your loyal customers

Social Media Advertising Tips

  • Always set your plan before start advertising
  • Make some tests for your ads before publishing
  • Review some best practice examples and learn how to make a better edition from that
  • Test your ad copy and the image or video with your current customer before you advertise
  • Use social media statistics and see how you can scale up
  • Pay attention to your customer’s comments and answer them in details

Best Social Media Advertising

First, we discuss the definition, effectiveness and types of social media,

After that, Let’s now see shortlist for the best examples for advertising platforms that we can use to increase our profits.

This short list is my personal recommendation for you to start with as it will help you to show good results in a short time.

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And how you can run ads campaign like a bro

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