PPC Agency

PPC Agency

PPC Agency Definition

The meaning of PPC Agency is the company or marketing agency that will take for your Pay Per Click advertising campaigns,

The PPC Agency or CPC Agency (Cost Per Click), will share with you the needed experience to run a successful ad campaign over the different search engines like Google and Bing.

As well, The PPC agency can handle your ads over social media,

In case you decided to use them to handle your social media channels as well.

Using a PPC Agency is important to have higher conversion rates,

However, if you are a startup or small business that can not pay for an outsourcing agency,

In this case, You can run your ads by using open source PPC agency like Google Adwords for example.

PPC Agency Pricing

The PPC agency pricing varies according to many factors, Like,

  • Their reputation, Big agency usually ask for more payment rather than small agencies.
  • The agency capacity, and how many successful campaign they run
  • Location, As some company in Europe, will most likely to charge higher than another one in Asia
  • And many other factors as well.

In the pricing point particularly, I highly recommend to run more than one meeting with more than one Agency,

In order to negotiate and get the best available prices

PPC Agency near Me

Start to search for PPC agency near you, I mean at least in your city, As dealing with some company overseas will not be something wise.

You need to be in daily touch with them to monitor the updates and the analytical reports to make the necessary corrective actions on spot.

As well, local companies experience is much better that international agencies, Especially if you running a PPC advertising on the local market.

PPC Management Agency

The PPC management is the key success factor in the Digital Marketing Advertising as general, And in the Social Media Advertising in particular.

Ad management is the most important thing you need to discuss with your agency, Before you start any kinds of campaigns.

The better the management experience the company has, The best targeted clicks you get,

In other words, If the Agency you are dealing with don’t have good ads management system or experience they will spend your budget very fast with low success rates.

Final Words

From my long experience in Advertising and running successful campaign over the last few years,

I highly recommend not to use any agency to run your ads, Unless,

  • you are a big organization and you don not have time to do that yourself.
  • Or You do not have the necessary experience to do so

Otherwise, You need to run your PPC ads by yourself for many reasons

  1. It is easy to handle and use systems, Like Adwords and Facebook ads manager
  2. While investing is ads, you invest in yourself self education as well
  3. Using some agency will not help a lot unless you can not handle yourself
  4. You have the full control over the process
  5. Keep you strategy save from competitors

So stop wasting your money on agencies and start learn how to do PPC advertising by yourself.

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