Pay Per Click Advertising Google

Pay Per Click Advertising Google

Pay Per Click Advertising Google

As discussed earlier in the Pay Per Click Advertising Post, Google is one of the most powerful tools to run a Pay Per Click advertising campaign.

Especially if you are going to control the PPC advertising campaign by yourself, Without any need or support from any PPC Agency, except in two cases only, Remember?

In this post we are going to go deeper in Google advertising program, In order to know more, How much it cost to use Google Adwords program, How Many Ads you can run, And different advertising options for PPC advertising that Google provides to you

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Types Of Google Ads

Google ads or Google Adwords support you with 5 different types of PPC advertising,

That you can choose out of them the best match your audiences criteria, locations and the geographic features you need to covers.

Let’s get started with the first type of Google ads,

1- Search Ads

Google search ads are the most used form of Pay per click advertising, It is the most popular form that most of the businesses use to run their advertisements over google.

If you are using this type of ads, You will see your ads in google searching page in the top or right-hand side to the search results.

Google will use the keywords that you used in your ad setting to show your site to the searchers for this certain keyword over the search engine.

2- Local Search Ads

Local search ads is another PPC model that give special focus to your company location and your targeted audience locations as well.

In other words, it shows your company location over the local search engines,

In order to find your location over the google page, or while using google maps as well.

The local search ads also will charge you for each click,

And it is the best option to use in case of you targeting local customers in your country or your city.

3- Display Network Ads

Display network ads is a different style of advertising over google,

As in this type, you will need to choose out of three payment options,

  • CPC: Cost Per Click
  • CPM: Cost Per Million Impressions
  • CPA: Cost Per Acquisition

As well, After you set up your campaign details,

You also will share a design for your ad with certain dimensions ( choose from different options),

Then Google will start to show your ads in more than 2 Million sites in its network for Google Adsense approved list,

According to your previous ads settings, And the payment option you choose.

4- Video Ads

Google also provides a great option to customers who want to run an advertisement by using Videos.

The Video will show in the searching page under the Video section on Google search page.

As well, you can run your video ads over YouTube, As one of Google Platforms.

Video Marketing over YouTube is very popular as you can see many ads styles available, Either in the searching bar or over the running videos as well.

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5- Remarketing Ads

As discussed in Facebook Ads, Google as well provide the option of Remarketing or Retargeting ads,

In the Retargeting ads, you can re-target your audiences, who show some interaction with your previous ads.

By using simple steps you can start your Remarketing ads type,

In order to reach again your potential customers.

Remarketing is very helpful especially for some niches like E commerce,

As reaching the same customer with your ads for more than one time,

will increase your conversion rates with a remarkable way.

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