Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click advertising is one of the digital marketing models in which you get paid when someone clicks on some ad in your website.

In other words, The Pay per click advertising model allows the website owners to get cash when some visitor to their website click on one ad that the publisher create for his products.

The pay per click advertising (PPC) or you can find it as cost per click (CPC) as well,

is related to the search engines like google and bing, That provide this services for the advertisers who need to use Google AdWords advertising website to run an advertising campaign

Google in his turn will start to advertise these ads on a different website, This website google will choose according to many factors, Like,

  • Same niche for the product ads
  • Cover the need criteria for the characteristics of the required audience
  • the website should be trusted and has high authority rate
  • And many other factors

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How Does Pay Per Click Work?

The advertising business model of pay per click is available on many websites and platforms,

However, the main application for the pay per click advertising is found in Google ads, and social media ads, Like Facebook Ads

Google PPC Ads

When you start your campaign with Google PPC advertising, Google will charge you for everyone who clicks on your ad over the different searching categories over google platform.

You can adjust the cost per click according to your budget and the targeted location and your audience criteria,

Then Google will run your ad and start to deduct from the allocated budget for each click that you get for your website or your product ads.

Once the budget finishes, Google will stop your ads until you recharge your budget or close the campaign.

Social Media PPC advertising

The same concept applies with few differences for social media platforms,

Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are the most famous social media platforms that run ads,

As well you can find Twitter ads and Pinterest ads as well.

Facebook is now the owner of Instagram as well,

that’s why you can run ads on both social media sites by using the Facebook ads manager.

After you submit your ad,

Facebook will review the ad to make sure it is following their privacy policy and advertising policy for Facebook

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