Online Store

Online Store

What is the Online Store?

The online store is a kind of E-commerce in which customers can buy items online, By using many payment options like credit cards, debit cards or cash on delivery.

The customer can use his desktop, laptop or his smartphone to complete the payment process,

In the same time, the retailer can ship items either by using some shipping companies or deliver it directly to the customer in case of local online stores.

An online store is divided into sections, And each section has related products for customer search over the online store search options.

Online Store Introduction

In this post, we are going to discuss some important topics that are related to the online store business, How to build your online store,

In addition to E-commerce store free sites builder.

Let’s get started with Starting an online store.

Starting an Online Store

In order to start your brand new Online store, First, you need to follow some few steps,

1- Choose your niche

Start with choosing the niche that you are going to work in, You can find many interesting and profitable niches that you can start with, Like,

  • Online clothing store
  • Online business for sale
  • Discounts Store
  • Online shopping store
  • Online Flower store
  • Pet store
  • Online Grocery store
  • Etc…

To choose your niche, you need to think about the business model you are going to use, Is it international store? or a local store?

As well, you need to discover your potential customers need and buying habits to convert more sales over your store.

2- Choose a suitable solution for your online store

I highly recommend hosted solutions for beginners, Like you, just start up with your new store and you need to learn more about the process and get more store management skills

3- Build your store online

As we discussed earlier in How to Build your own website post, You need to build your store, Choose a good design and customize your pages according to your products and niche.

4- Choose your name on the internet

Choosing a good domain name is highly important to give your visitors a quick idea about your store niche and location in case of local stores.

Find more: How to choose a good domain name

5- Add your products

In order to have initial fast sales, you need to,

  • Pick up the best fast moving items, That people are searching for.
  • Choose a high-quality image for your products
  • Create full description content for your products
  • Pick some Affiliate products from Amazon

Read More:

6- Market your Online store

Start to prepare your marketing plan,

Likewise, use advertising campaigns, Social Media Marketing and direct promotion with Email Marketing

Online Store Builder

To create your online store, You have to use one of the online store builder websites,

That will help you with start to build your site and choose the perfect design template you will use,

As well, you can enjoy many helpful features and useful tools,

In order to build your store in an easy and fast way.

In this section, we are going to focus on some examples for Online store builder websites,

However, you can also find more options online.


Shopify is one of the best online store builders, That you can find many successful online stores are using it as a store builder system for their online business.

It is one of the paid service online store builder, That offer their user a wide range of services including the website builder that comes with many nice, flexible and customized design themes,

As well, it is integrated with many multi-channel for best user experience.

The website also has high standard security levels, That will make your data, Payments records in safe hands.

As well, you guarantee that your customer’s personal data and their credit cards, or debit cards data are saved in a highly secured website.

Also, Shopify offers you different payment gateway options that you can offer accordingly to your customer when he starts purchasing.


Bigcommerce is also a good online store builder system that covers most of the features that you will need to start building your online store.

It provides you with a good builder system with many clean and useful design themes,

That is done especially for best SEO ranking over the search engines, Like Google search.

In addition to the previous options and tools, Bigcommerce is a highly secured platform,

That you can use to save your personal data, and your customer’s data as well.

Free Online Store Builder

After we see the paid builder examples, Let’s now see more free e-commerce builder options as well.

There are two options I personally recommend to build or create your e-commerce website or your shopping website for free.

These two options have the necessary e-commerce features and tools that you will need to create your first e-commerce website or your e-commerce shopping website.

Wix, Is one of the good options if you want to build your online store for free,

Go to and choose the option of building my own online store, Then start to create your store and customize it as per your needs.


As well there is another option to create your online store for free by using Weebly,

It is almost the same way as Wix, However, there are some difference is tools and general design feature you can find as well.

Best Online Shopping Websites

Finally, I prepare a list for the top 5 best online shopping websites,

In this list, you can find very well known names like Amazon,

That you can study its business case,

In order to create something similar or even better than their e-commerce examples 


Final words

In order to start making money online,

You can choose out from many niches and ways,

that will help you to generate some extra cash in an easy and fast way.

To build your own shopping website,

Is one of the best options out of these ways to generate a constant amount of money and scale up over time.

Generally speaking, I know some close friend that start the process of building online shopping sites for clothes,

And currently, they can generate good cash over time,

As well, they already build their own lists and have a good base of loyal customers as well.

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