Importance of Video Marketing

Importance of Video Marketing

Importance of Video Marketing

The Importance of video marketing increase over time, As many users prefer to watch a video rather than start to read long product description or training course for some subject.

Also, the importance of video marketing increases as the number of smartphones increase dramatically in the past few years.

Moreover, Watching videos is a powerful way to check news, learn about some product and educate yourself in some cases.

Reasons to start Video Marketing

There are many reasons that will motivate you to start using video marketing as one of your channels in marketing.

Let’s focus on the most important reasons here

1- Increase your sales

The video will increase your sales conversions in a perfect way, Try to start making one short video for one of your products on the website.

Watch the difference in conversion rate in sales between this product and others that their pages are no including videos.

2- Build Trust to your company

People trust what they can see, Not only video, But also the value behind the video.

In other words, the content of the video you are introducing to your customers should be valuable And brings direct value to them.

If some customer watch one video for your product and he gets some value, He will start to trust you and your company as well.

Moreover, this customer will be more loyal and will start to tell his friends and family members about this video as well, As he trusts that this video will benefit them as well.

3- Rank higher in search engines

When your visitors start to watch videos on your websites, They will spend more time than usual.

Accordingly, Search engines like Google will realize that people trust your website and will give you a higher ranking in the search.

Remember that, when you have a higher ranking in search engine, you will have more organic traffic coming from google to visit your website, which is more sales for your products.

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4- Mobile Friendly

As discussed earlier in Video Marketing Post,

People love to use their smartphones to watch a video,

Likewise, video marketing can be very useful to have more users that will be happy to see short videos over your website

5- Easy to explain

Video marketing can explain any content for your products in an easy way,

If you are launching a new product with new technology for example,

It will be hard to explain everything by just writing an article,

However, if you add short video for this new product, you will find that more people can understand the new concept or technology in a better way.

6- Increase engagement and shares

Mostly, People like to share interesting videos, especially if the video introduces an added value to them.

You can create a 2 minutes video that is interesting, helpful and easy to understand and start watch the engagements and sharing come to your website in a few hours.

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