Marketing Strategy Plan

Start planning for your Marketing activities?

Before you set your Marketing Strategy Plan you need first to well define 6 critical points to guarantee a successful Marketing Plan or Strategy Plan.

These 6 Points are:

  • The Current Situation
  • Plan Objectives
  • Strategy (How to reach the plan objectives)
  • Tactics (Marketing techniques to use)
  • Implementation
  • Tracking and corrective actions

Let’s now start with the Marketing Strategy Plan definition

Marketing Strategy Plan Definition

Marketing Plan is a continuous process in which the company select the marketing strategy,

which help in moving from the current situation to the company objectives by using number or tactics and implementation strategy to get the maximum of the market opportunities for certain customer segmentation.

The plan should consider the short term and long term strategies as well and take into consideration the market dynamics, internal and external factors that may affect the market or even the industry.

The well-defined customer segmentation and product positioning are super important during the planning stage of any marketing plan.

Let’s now get a better idea about the planning steps.

Marketing Strategy Plan Steps

Plan steps may vary from one company to another according to many factors,

However, I personally use 5 main steps for planning.

Step one: Current Situation Analysis.

The current situation analysis should include,

Well understand for your products and services, And how that fulfil your current customers need,

Also, you need to analyse the current competitors and check the competitive advantages in your products or your services over them

In addition to that, you need also to check the market segmentation and product positioning in your market niche.

Use SWOT analysis to check your products Strength and Weakness, Also the market Opportunities and Threats.

Step Two: Draw Your Customer Personas.

Your target audience or your customer should be well defined.

Earlier, The marketing teams define the customers according to many factors, Includes, Demographic Factors, Like, Age, Sex, etc..

And Geographic factors, Like, Location, State, etc..

However, the most up to date marketing techniques start to draw a customer person profiles for their targeted customers.

In other words, They make a full profile for one ideal customer, Includes their names, how they look like, what words they use when they search for our products, what level of education they have, etc..

Drawing customer personas is really good as you can now but your self in your customer’s shoes and start to define exactly how you can have his full attention.

Step Three: Define Your Marketing Objectives.

Start preparing a list with all of your marketing objectives or goals.

Your goals should be SMART,

In other words, it should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-related

For example, Your goal may be increasing the product X sales by 20% in the Y niche during the next year

Step Four: Choose your Marketing Tactics

This step is the most important step in the whole marketing plan steps.

After analyzing the current situation, define your customers and your marketing objectives.

Now it is the time to choose the marketing tactics that will help you to achieve your goals

After you choose your marketing strategy, Start to list down the tactics you are going to use.

For example, You may use email marketing tactics for your corporate customers,

However, using social media advertising would be used for your consumer segments, etc…

Step Five: Marketing Budget.

Marketing budget should be a percentage from the total budget or percentage of net profit.

Start to calculate the cost for the tactics list you defined in step four and find out if it is Ok or you need to come back and exclude some items to match the available marketing budget.

Marketing Strategy Plan Samples

The typical Marketing Plan should be like that

Marketing Plan Example

However, you can customize it according to the company needs.

You can find ready templates for the marketing plans over the internet,

However, I advise to just check it for learning purposes as your marketing plan should be unique and represent all the elements according to your company vision and mission

Marketing Strategy Plan Examples

I would like you personally with some ready-made marketing plans, Just leave your contact info below and I will email you with some examples.

Marketing Strategy Plan Presentation

Now it is the time to present your marketing plan, Are you worry? I guess yes, However, I would like to give you some quick tips to present your plan.

For sure your plan takes a lot of effort and working hours, And the right presentation would maximize the value of your efforts.

Remember the presentation structure and design (In some cases) is more important than the content inside,

Can you tell me how your CEO will react if your presentation is long or poring?

Yes, Make it short and direct to point as possible.

Try to use a good template with appealing design to get a better look and feel impression form your audiences.

Include your resources as possible to give credibility credit to your presentation.

Be confident and show trust while presenting.

Finally, don’t forget to check the Digital Marketing Strategy as well


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