YouTube Marketing Strategy

YouTube Marketing Strategy

YouTube Marketing Strategy

As we discussed earlier, Marketing Strategy is one of the most points that need special care from your side before start marketing activities, The Same importance comes for YouTube marketing strategy.

In order to use YouTube in marketing,

first, you need to set up your strategy that you are going to follow in order to maximize your benefits.

In this post, we are going to focus on the 5 Key YouTube marketing strategies that prove to work well over time.

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Let’s get started with the first Strategy.

1- Start with Research

Before start shooting your first video, first, you need to make proper research for the niche you are going to work in.

Your research should include many factors, Like,

  • Your audience criteria, what is the targeted age, sex, education and location as well
  • Competitors, How they are doing?, What topics they discuss? how many videos they publish every week?
  • Also, your keywords, What is the key phrases people use in search? what is the key searching topics? etc…

Remember, The better the research, the better the results you get.

2- Prepare your content

Preparing your content is one of the best strategies you need to follow in order to be noticed over YouTube.

Start with the main topics that have the highest search results,

After that, create subcategories under each topic with longer key phrases

Finally, start to prepare interesting and helpful content for many videos in these subcategories

Moreover, you need to create a content calendar that organizes your YouTube video production plan either monthly or weekly

Important Tips

  • Your content is your key assets and one of the main reasons for the success
  • Do the best you can to create a green, interesting content.
  • As well, add value, answer questions, and educate people in the best way you can.
  • Don’t expect that people will like your product if your content is bad

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3- Use Subtitles

Using Subtitles is one of the most successful strategies you can apply on YouTube Marketing.

Subtitle will help your customers to follow up with you in a good way,

As well, help to understand your video content as hearing and reading the same words in the same time will enhance the understanding rate much higher than only listening

As well, not all of your customers having high listening capabilities, as language may be a barrier between you and the watchers,

so reading will help them to focus while watching you.

4- Videos on demand

Today one of my friends over Facebook asked me, Do you have something for CPA?

Your customers and friends will ask you some questions like that, Which mean that their is a need in the market for this topic, right?

Of course, do not make a video for every question or any topic,

But collect these questions, and start to see the highest question and create videos on demand

5- Ask for Business

In the end of each video, you can ask for business, This ask may be to join your channel, try your product, or even to share comments and ask questions.

This strategy is very important in order to create a community and understand more about your customers.

In the same time it is a good opportunity for you to have more shares and higher engagement on this video, So don’t waste it

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