YouTube Marketing for Dummies

YouTube Marketing for Dummies

YouTube Marketing For Dummies

For most of us either for startup, or for dummies, the use of social media, Especially YouTube for Marketing is an essential thing to success in the marketing in general, and in digital marketing in specific.

I receive many questions, over my Quora account and my social media pages, questions Like,

what is the best social media for business?

And most of us will say Facebook in number 1.

However, for startup and dummies, they always say YouTube marketing come in the last of the list.

In this case, I’m completely disagreed, As I see that YouTube is the best social media marketing tools, especially for Dummies.

First, Let me first show the benefits of YouTube marketing for dummies and startups,

Then we can evaluate and show the best social media for dummies.

YouTube Marketing Benefits For Dummies

YouTube as a huge search engine for video content, That you can use for video marketing activities, It has many great benefits for beginners,

Build your brand name

Creating a YouTube channel, That includes a number of videos with helpful content for your brand description, how to use, and Tips for users, Is the best way to create a community around your brand,

Likewise, this community will help you to build your brand name in the market

Increase Awareness

High-quality short videos are the best way to increase awareness about your products and services,

As in the busy working days, most of the people will prefer to watch a short video, rather than read a short article about some product.

Get Traffic

By linking your videos to your website or your blog, you will drive a good rate of organic traffic, that will help you to rank higher in the search engines.

As well, organic traffic will help you to convert more sales over time

Watching or Reading

What would you prefer, watch a short interesting video that shows you how to use some product,

Or to read an article for the same product?

Easier for Technical Products

If you are selling a technical product, that requires some steps to download, activate, or set up,

In this case, video marketing is the best way,

In order to educate your customers fast and step by step without any misunderstanding from their side.

Increase Trust

Watching you over a YouTube video is much better than reading your article on your blog.

People will interact with you, your tone of voice and body language, which increase the engagement rate with your customers and build trust over time.

Enjoy Authority

Using YouTube in a good way to show get authority in your niche,

with shooting helpful videos that help people to solve some problem, Or cover their needs to learn about some topic.

They will start to see you as a source of trust and will start to ask you about related topics as well

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