How to build your own website


How to build your own website

To build your own website you will need first to decide what exactly the purpose of this website and what is the activities you shall do by using this website.

you can build your own website in a few minutes by using one of the many website builders over the web.

Make your website represent your own potential and your business niche.

Let’s see now how to build your own website in a few minutes.

How to Design Your Own Website

You can start to design your website by using different design themes that enhance the customer experience visit and make it easy to search and find results in an easy way.

To build your own website over the web you need either to higher a professional web designer and developer to do the job,

You can find many agencies in your local area can help you with that.

Or you can register with a free web site builder company or free web site website to help you also in this job.

I will show you how to build your own website by using a free website builder and start your business online in an easy way

How to build a website for free

Many free websites are offering you to build and host your website totally free.

These kind of website builder companies are giving you a free shared hosting and free subdomain under their original domain name.

These companies make use from the powerful linking that happen by hundreds or even thousands of subdomain under their domain,

In addition to that, They will make a good profit from customers who want to upgrade his category from free to individual plan or business plan to has his own domain name.

Let’s go for some examples for a website builder,

In the coming list, you will find a mix of free website builder, easy website builder and business website builder,

To cover all of your need to create your website in your own way.

Free Website builder Examples

1- Wix

In Wix, you can create your own website for free,

They have many free designs that you can choose out from them the suitable one for your business.

Also, they provide you with perfect tools like the Wix editor, That enable you to customize any design theme you like.

Most of the theme designs are fully responsive and mobile friendly as well.

You can create your online store, Media gallery and your own blog in a few minutes.

2- Weebly

Another great example of a free website builder, In Weebly you also have almost all of the features that we discussed in Wix.

This also a good example of an easy website builder, That everyone can use it in an easy way to create your own website.

The E-commerce section also in Weebly has a very nice design and many features for professional users as well.

3- Webnode

Webnode is suitable for both beginners and professional as well.

It provides you with many nice and clean themes and also you can create your website in your own language.

Webnode is fully compatible with all Android and IOS mobile devices.

4- WebStarts

WebStarts is one of the easiest website builders you can ever use, I highly recommend for all beginners as you can create your own website without any previous experience on the website building at all.

It comes with many free design themes that are suitable for all business niches you need.

5- Webflow

One of the best business website builder up to my experience.

Webflow is very suitable for marketing agencies and advertising companies that are usually building a website for their customers.

It will save a lot of your time and efforts in coding and development,

As the designer can just drag and drop every section with its code inside.

6- IM creator

IM creator comes with a huge number of free designs and ton of free images,

In order to help you to create the website you ever dream with.

It has some unique features for e-commerce niche in case you are interested in e-commerce.

Also, you can find many helpful tools like SEO and Google analytics,

In order to help you in result analysis and have better ranking over search engines.

7- Site 123

One of the easy to use website builder, Which come with tons of free images and nice themes.

You can create an unlimited number of pages and have 500 MB storage for totally free

Site 123 is ads free builder and you will feel happy to use the free edition for a long time.

8- Strikingly 

Create your website in few minutes with Strikingly

With an unlimited number of nice design and much-dedicated design for blogging, e-commerce and product marketing.

It is very suitable for beginners and affiliates,

that want to have a free website with great features and handy tools.

9- Duda

Another good example of an easy website builder,

Use Duda to create your website in a few minutes, And enjoy their support functions that will answer any questions you want in a few minutes.

Duda come with nice designed themes and many images for free

10- Mozello

The unique feature about Mozello is that you can create your website in multi languages.

This unique free feature makes it one of the best options for international companies,

That needs to create their website in different languages for different countries.

Mozello come also with many free designs and images,

that will help you with better customization experience.

Now you can go and try some of these options,

Please let me know which one you are going to use to create your own website.


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