Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Today we are going to discuss an awesome topic, Amazon Affiliate Marketing program.

This program is one of the most famous affiliate programs in the world,

with multiple choices from different product and services niches.

Most of your customers know Amazon very well and trust it as an e-commerce website,

According to that, your conversion rate will be much higher than referring your customers to any other site to buy some items.

Amazon affiliate marketing program pay you an average of 1% and up to 10% for each referral you send to Amazon, Either through your website or even through paid ads,

We shall discuss that in details in the coming sections.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Benefits

The most interesting point about Amazon affiliate marketing is that,

When you refer a customer to Amazon through your affiliate link, You will get a commission for everything that customer buy from Amazon,

In other words, if your customer click your affiliate link for an eBook you advertise on your website,

Then this customer decided for one reason or another to buy another product, Laptop for example,

In this case, you get a commission for both items,

In addition to that, if this customer comes back again after some time to buy a third or even fourth item, You will get a commission for all of these items.

Looks Awesome, Right?

I will show you how to join the Amazon affiliate marketing program, What are Amazon requirements, And how much earning you can do through Amazon.

Let’s start first with an overview of the program, and how it is work.

Amazon Affiliate Program

Before you sign up for the Amazon affiliate program, You need to decide in which geographic are you going to focus.

As for example if your geographic area is India,

You need to join Amazon affiliate India,

on the other hand if your geographical area in Germany,

Then you need to join Amazon affiliate Germany, etc…

In case you are targeting more than one location, So you need to sign up with all Amazon affiliate programs sites worldwide.

We are going to discuss after a while two smart ways to automate your link to cover all Amazon stores worldwide, Just keep on

Amazon Affiliate Sites

After you join the Amazon affiliate program, You can now maximize your profits,

Just go now and join other Amazon associate stores in different countries, Like,

Just make some search and find more Amazon sites to join today.

Amazon Affiliate Program Requirements

As instructed by the Amazon associate website,

There are a few requirements that you need to cover in order to join the affiliate program, As you need to,

  • 1- Have a successful registration process with Amazon associate program
  • 2- You must follow the guidelines of the associate program.
  • 3- You must apply for the product advertising API

Please review the Amazon associate program policy and terms.

How to Control Your Amazon Affiliate Link

You have more than one way to control your Amazon affiliate link, Which mainly depends on the marketing channels you are using to promote this link to your customers,

And also the CMS system you are using for your control panel


If you are using WordPress as your CMS control panel system, You can find some awesome plugins that will help you to insert your affiliate link with all your widget ads.

EasyAzon Plugin will help you to create your affiliate links in an easy way,

As it uses some good technology that will help you to automatically localize your affiliate link and direct your customer to the nearest Amazon store,

For example, If your customer coming from Italy, EasyAzon will realize that and will automatically direct him to Amazon. It store, Awesome Right?

Also, it supports you with many helpful features that help you to have an excellent customer experience for your customers.

The Best thing about this plugin, Is that it will track your customer for 90 days,

In other words, You will get cash for everything your directed customer will buy in the coming 90 days

Genius Link

Same to WordPress plugins, Genius Link website give you the help to control your affiliate links, And Generate all the links you need in an easy way.

Once you register and submit your Amazon affiliate link, Genius Link will save it and generate sub-links that all refer to your original link.

It will save you a lot of time and will help you as well to control the extensions of your links for better acceptance from your customers.

It comes also with a great feature which is localization,

Localization means auto redirection to your customer for the nearest or closest Amazon store according to his or her location.

Amazon Affiliate Commission Rate

As we discuss earlier,

Amazon affiliate program offers you a standard commission rate from 1% and up to 10% form the cost price.

The commission standard rate is already mentioned inside the site and it differs according to the product category.

The most profitable categories are fashion and luxury beauty, which give you a 10% standard commission rate.

Other products like Digital Music and Digital Videos will give you a 5% standard commission rate.

Other products like, Video games will give you 1% standard commission rate.

So if you are going to work as an affiliate marketer,

Then you need first to highlight the best products and services with the most profitable commission rates to work in,

And after that, you build your website or your personal blog to be dedicated to this specific niche.

For more info, please refer to How to make your first affiliate sale in a few hours

Amazon Sale

Amazon sale is the time of sale on Amazon.

Many people are waiting for the sale time to buy multiple items at discounted prices

You can make some special focus on the sale time,

In order to have better conversion rate and upscale your earnings fro Amazon

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