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The Affiliate Marketing industry show a big growth over time, In 2019 you can find many people can make an extra income from online by using different affiliate marketing programs.

Affiliate marketing in 2019 shows a good start and even more programs are initiated as the potential of this industry shows huge growth.

In this post, we are going to discuss some affiliate marketing programs that help many people to achieve their online business,

Moreover, it helps to generate many entrepreneurs who can work from home.

Many famous bloggers are using different affiliate programs to promote some trusted products or services over their blog.

Word of mouth and good product reputation help the affiliate marketers to convert more sales from their email list or their followers over different channels of social media.

Let’s now see some examples of top rated affiliate marketing programs and how we can make money online.

Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners

Personally, I prefer to start always with some easy affiliate marketing programs examples for beginners as they need the maximum support to start their online business.

So, How affiliate programs work?

Affiliate programs or platforms are huge portals that collect all of the available affiliates offers over the web,

Then the order these offers into categories and subcategories that are relevant to a certain niche.

In addition to that, These programs control the relation between the Merchants (the owner of the product or the service),

and the Affiliates who is the person willing to take this product to promote and get some commission.

Want to know more about niches, Please check how to find a profitable Affiliate niches post.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing

Before starting you need to check the best affiliate marketing program that you will join and start using for that.

Many programs are available to join for free, with many advantages and disadvantages as well.

Let me give you a hand in this stage and give you a list with the top 7 programs that I use myself.

Top 7 Affiliate Marketing Programs

Please find the Top 7 Affiliate Marketing Programs that is well trusted and I personally recommend them.

These programs have different characteristics and payment options, That you need to go deep inside and try to use every one of them for at least one week.

After that, you can decide if it is suitable for you or not.

Some of these examples like ClickBank are paying via PayPal for affiliates in certain countries.

So check their payment policy, and the minimum payout before you start.

1- Shareasale

2- ClickBank

3- FlexOffers

4- MaxBounty

5- JVzoo

6- ClickFunnels

7- Shopify

Of course there are hundreds of other programs that are available on the web, However, I prefer to focus first on one of them that is easy for you to use,

Then you can expand and join others to maximize your profits.

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs To Make Money

Many friends ask me about the best affiliate program that generates money online,

My answer is always, You need to discover that by yourself, But Why?

As every one of us has a different level of education, personal habits and his own character,

So what works with me, May not work with you.

In other words, Maybe I advise you with a certain program and it is not going well with you,

However, if you try another one which may be I don’t like,

That program maybe you can use in a better way and generate more profit than you can predict.

It is the personal experience, So start today to check all of the available resources over the internet,

Start with the list of the top 7 programs I shared with you,

Then you and only you can say which program is the best affiliate marketing program.

Top Paying Affiliate Programs

As discussed, There is no certain amount you can achieve by using a certain program,

However, there is some general info that shows the expected earnings per month.

Generally, to make money online as an affiliate,

you will get a certain percentage of the selling value of the product or the service.

So for example, if you choose the health niche to work in and you start to promote some vitamins with an average value of 5$,

Don’t expect to achieve a lot like if you promote a hosting solution for companies that worth 1000$.

If we assume that you get 50% commission in both cases,

So you can find the huge difference between 50% of 5$ and 1000$, right?

Again you need to do a good search for profitable niches and see if you can make something with the top paying niches. (Please refer to How to choose a profitable niche)

Also, there is another important factor, which is the product life cycle.

The product that can sell for a long time is much better than the expensive product that will sell for just a limited time.

Also, you can find some services like loyalty clubs,

that pay you every month once the service monthly registration is renewed.

Final words

The affiliate marketing programs can help you to generate extra money fast,

If you have the required skills to make the best use of the program,

and you know how to promote products.

At the end of this post, I would like to mention two top examples,

That you need to take some time to discover by yourself before you discuss them in details in the coming few days.

Example 1: Clickbank Affiliate Marketing

Example 2: Affiliate Marketing Amazon

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