Business To Business Marketing

The B2B Marketing or Business to Business Marketing term is related to the marketing activities that are considering only business categories.

In other words, it is the marketing activities that target the corporate companies to sell their product to them directly.

How Different Is Business To Business Marketing

From the marketing point of view it looks similar, however, there are many different key points between normal marketing activities and B2B marketing.

The B2B marketing gives special focus to the KOL, or the Key Opinion Leader, who is the one decide either to buy brand X or brand Z.

B2B Marketing give special attention to 5 main categories,

1- Companies:

Main focus on the current companies that already use our products

2- Governmental agencies:

Agencies that have direct connections to Governmental entities

3- Institutions:

like universities, Schools and Educational Hubs, either governmental or private sectors

4- Wholesalers:

Wholesalers are big companies or stores, That buy in bulk with discounted prices, Then they start to sell and distribute these items to sub wholesalers or large chains

5- National and International Brokers:

Brokers are of great value for B2B marketers as they can close big deals either locally or even overseas.

Big Brokers can increase business growth in a magnificent way,

As they have their own business connections and can reach customers, that is really hard for most of the companies to reach.

In addition to that, Brokers especially the international one, Has great effect over the companies and his word of mouth worth a lot.

As his good reputation and long experience allow him to make decisions for many companies to choose which items or products to buy

Benefits Of Business To Business Marketing

By applying B2B marketing to your company you can have many benefits, Like less cost, More profit, Long term relationship, etc…

However from my personal point of view,

I think the two main benefits from B2B is reducing costs and achieve more profits.

Quick Comparison

Let’s have a quick comparison, If you use B2B or B2C (Business to Consumer).

Assume that your company is selling some items like 4 seat cars,

Now, How much profit you can achieve from selling one car to one customer,

In comparison to selling 100 cars for some company want to buy cars for their employees.

In addition to profit, How much is the cost to sell one by one car too many customers,

How many sales employees you need in comparison to sell B2B to companies.

Business To Business Marketing Strategies

The Marketing Strategy for B2B is almost the same for the normal marketing strategy you follow with Consumer or B2C.

The key difference here is the customer identification himself, I mean your customer persona is different from a normal consumer.

Accordingly, the marketing channels and the Marketing techniques are tailored to target a professional buyer or international broker.

Please review the Marketing strategy post for more info.

Business To Business Marketing Agencies

A very clear vision for the Business to Business Marketing Agency model is LinkedIn.

LinkedIn as a professional social media platform Can be very helpful for you to check the targeted customer’s professional profiles.

Their companies profiles and much more.

LinkedIn professional Ads can be a good tactic to use in promoting your products or services to your Business customers.

International Business To Business Marketing

International B2B or Globalization is the scaling for your success in the local or region B2B application.

Now you can make extra growth for your sales,

via international B2B strategy to uncover more international and global opportunities.


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