Domain Name: How To Choose A Good Domain Name

Domain name is the main identity of your website, that should express your products or services, In addition to your location (if a local business) that customers or visitors realize from the first time.

In this post, we are going to cover this topic and answer this question,

How To Choose A Good Domain Name?

The Importance of Good Domain

Choosing a good domain name is very important for many reasons,

1- describe your products or services

2- Make customers find you easy

3- Gives the first impression about your site and how professional are you doing your business.

Your domain name is like your company name, you should select carefully and make the necessary search and brainstorming to find.

General Tips On Choosing A Good Domain

Select an easy typing domain name

The easy domain name in typing have better user experience, At the same time,

you reduce the error factors if they type it in wrong way.

That may cause that your customers may go for a competitor web site by mistake.

Keep it short and targeted

Make your domain name as short as possible, Make words clear and meaningful to your industry or your services.

Use targeted words like your product name, in case that your focus is in a certain niche.

Make keyword search before selection

Selecting keywords with better search results will increase your ranking over the search engines, Which will cause more visitors to your website and for sure more sales.

Mention your area especially if your business is local

Adding your location in the domain is a good idea, As it helps local customers who search in your services to find you easily.

Remember that search engines rank local sites for the searcher in a better way rather than international sites.

Never use a number or any special characters

Using numbers and special characters or hyphens may cause some confusion to your customers, as they will think is it was marketingtoday2017 or marketingtoday2019.

That’s why I’m going to change my domain name soon šŸ™‚ “Updated on Feb 3, 2019”

Make it easy to remember

Easy names will help more customers to remember your site name, However hard or long domain is less likely to have the same chances.

Popular Domain Extension

Try to make it with (.com), as a (.com) domain name extension is better in search

Best Places To Buy A Domain

After considering all of the above points, Now you need to buy your domain name.

There are many sites that offer you a cheap domain name for about 0.99$.

You can search for some domain name sites like GoDaddy, orĀ NamecheapĀ 

These are two examples for best places to buy the domain name.

Try to find out if there is any running offers for a free domain.

Domain Name RegistrationĀ 

Now after you select the best available domain, Just finish the domain name registration process,

And after a few minutes it will be yours

Domain Name Hosting

After purchasing your domain now it is the time to register it, So what is the domain name Hosting?

Hosting is to have a physical place over the web.

For example, In physical world, your domain name represents your company name, And your Hosting represents your address in which people can visit you in.

Best Website Hosting

Many good examples for website hosting you can find with many options and relevant prices.

Google Web Hosting is a good option if you are searching for a good offer, Also you can have a dedicated web hosting service if you have aĀ  business need for that.

Also, many local hosting services are available, Like web hosting the UK, Or web hosting Canada for example.

At the same time, you can search for cheap web hosting in case of you just start-up business.

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