Video Marketing

Video Marketing

What is Video Marketing?

Video Marketing is one of the digital marketing channels, that you can use to promote your products or service through short marketing video.

Through using content scripts that are ready to use, in order to give more description about the product features and benefits.

Likewise, Video marketing can be used to promote anything, Starting from small business or startups, medium size business, and up to big size companies and big corporations as well.

How to Do Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the helpful channels that you can use to implement your marketing strategy,

But first, let’s find out how to start video production first

I have here some few tips you need to consider, in order to create a great video,

1- Content Creation

Create first your content before you start to record your video, Make sure to have a good story for your products and services.

Your customers will like to see a story, rather than watch a group of messages.

Make it a short story that tells them all of the product features and benefits in a few minutes

2- Focus on Video Introduction

The video introduction is super important to you, as the introduction of your video will make your customer either be happy to watch the full video,

Or skip the video in the first few seconds.

Start your introduction with something attractive and get your visitor attention,

For instance, You can use some question that shows a big interest in the community, as well you can answer this question by using the features and benefits of your product.

Let me give some question examples, that you can use as an introduction for your video in some niches like weight loss.

  • Are you suffering from overweight?
  • How many time you have to wear heavy clothes to cover your body?

Now, what do you think?.

Is it better to start with some questions like these examples,

Or to start like, Today I will show you my product for weight loss.

I think there is much different in both cases, Right?

3- Choose Good Title for Your Video

The Title of your video is the first thing your customer will see before starting to watch the video,

Accordingly, you need to choose a searchable name that people can find easily,

As well, the title should be eye-catching and represent the content of your video indirect way.

4- Focus on Benefits

To achieve better results and convert more sales, You need to focus on the benefits of your product to the video watcher,

Benefits are directly related to his emotion and how good he will feel.

Relate these benefits for how he will feel happy, comfortable when he uses this product

However, if you focus on features maybe he can’t realize the product direct benefit for him.

5- Short, Direct and Mobile Friendly

Short videos are much better than long Videos, especially for product marketing.

Try to be direct to the point and don’t let the watcher feel it boring.

As well, Most of the people now are using their mobile devices to watch a video, Accordingly consider to make your video mobile friendly, fast and in high quality

6- Ask for Business

You make this video for business, right?

So do not forget this point as use the suitable call to action in an indirect way.

At the same time do not be bushy or use over selling ways.

Video Marketing Strategies

In order to have a successful video marketing, First, you need to use the marketing strategy behind this video.

In order to answer the question of how to build a video marketing strategy, You need to follow 6 few steps,

  1. Set the goals of your campaigns, choose your target audience personas, age, location and interests.
  2. Unify all the materials for all the channels you are going to use, In order to have consistency in the branding channels over video, email marketing or social media platforms
  3. Choose suitable budget for video production and advertising over the different channels
  4. Insert your website links in the video introduction and description to direct your customers to land on your website.
  5. Analyze the results and optimize for better results
  6. Scale up and repeat.

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